Agricultural products have a good export season

It’s just the beginning of the lychee season, but thousands of tons have already been purchased by Chinese businesses through the border gate in Lao Cai province. At two border gates in Lang Son province, Tan Thanh and Huu Nghi, each day 250 – 300 carts of goods are cleared (exported), mainly agricultural products.

Bac Giang people harvest, collect, and box fresh lychees to transport to the border

Lao Cai International Border Gate Customs Branch informed that the lychee season in the North has been harvested and exported to China for about 10 days now.

From the beginning of the season to May 23, more than 4,213 tons of Vietnamese fresh lychees were exported to China through Kim Thanh International Border Gate No. II (Lao Cai City).

Every day, more than 200 vehicles carrying fresh lychees from Bac Giang and Hung Yen provinces are cleared through this border gate.

According to a reporter from Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper, at the border gates in Lang Son province, currently, the amount of lychees from Bac Giang being processed for export to the Chinese market is also quite busy. Because this year, lychees and longans in the North suffered heavy crop failures, the market received good prices and consumption was open.

Goods cleared at Kim Thanh border gate.

According to Mr. Phung Van Ba, Deputy Director of Huu Nghi Border Gate Customs Branch (Lang Son Provincial Customs Department), from April 2024 to now, the volume of vehicles carrying agricultural products to border gates in the province Lang Son exports to China quite a lot. On average, every day there are about 400 vehicles carrying fresh fruits to the border gate area in this province, mainly going to Huu Nghi International Border Gate and Tan Thanh Border Gate. At Huu Nghi Border Gate, on average each day, 250 – 300 trucks of export goods are cleared, of which 200 trucks carry agricultural products and 50 trucks carry electronic goods.

In the opposite direction, every day an average of 600 – 800 vehicles carrying out import procedures are cleared through customs. According to Mr. Phung Van Ba, due to many vehicles, on Saturday and Sunday, the border gate in Lang Son still operates normally. Fruits exported through Huu Nghi Border Gate at this time are mainly durian, dragon fruit, jackfruit, grapefruit, lychee…

Mr. Nong Quang Hung, Deputy Director of Tan Thanh Border Gate Customs Branch, informed that in addition to traditional imported and exported agricultural products, from the beginning of 2024 until now, imported goods through this border gate have also arisen. Added some new items such as wooden boards, coke, construction machines…

In particular, for the first time, tractor-trailer cars were imported through Tan Thanh Border Gate. Therefore, in just the first 5 months of 2024, the estimated turnover of import and export goods through this border gate will reach 460 million USD, an increase of 60% over the same period in 2023.