Agricultural export enterprises have grown impressively

VOV.VN – Currently, the domestic and world economies are not out of difficulties, however, thanks to good preparation, improving product quality and proactively finding markets, many enterprises export agricultural products in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City has many export orders. From the beginning of the year until now, many agricultural export enterprises have seen double-digit growth.

Prepare well to seize the opportunity
After the epidemic, the demand for fresh fruit in many countries around the world increased, including the US, New Zealand, and China markets… Especially, recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Development of Vietnam negotiated and signed to export some more fruits through official channels to these countries, helping businesses expand markets and export output.

Vina T&T Company has many years of experience exporting to demanding markets such as the US, Australia, Canada… and has well grasped this opportunity. In addition to previous exported fruits such as dragon fruit, longan, star apple, mango, rambutan… this year, this business also exports green-skinned grapefruit, coconut to the US and New Zealand markets and durian to the US and New Zealand markets. China in large quantities. By November 2023, the total export value of the enterprise will reach 72 million USD, an increase of about 40% over the same period last year.

Enterprises export agricultural products well thanks to proactively searching for markets and deep processing.

Mr. Tran Dinh Tung, General Director of Vina T&T Company, said that the company chooses the land suitable for each type of fruit to have the best quality, creating brand reputation. At the same time, the company also coordinates with partners to have authorities in importing countries inspect and issue planting area codes. Currently, the company is receiving many orders for the New Year and every week several containers of fresh fruit are exported to the US, New Zealand, and China.

“At the end of the year, consumer demand increased, so we prepared planting areas and product quality to ensure the strict requirements of the demanding market. On all export shipments, we guarantee the reputation of the business. The quality of the product ensures that users can feel the freshness, sweetness, and nutrients of fresh fruit when using it,” said Mr. Tran Dinh Tung.

At this time, Phuc Sinh Joint Stock Company, specializing in exporting products processed from coffee and pepper, has total export revenue increased by about 18% over the same period last year, in which the price of exported products increased from 18-25%. The company’s coffee and pepper have been exported to 102 countries around the world with many deeply processed products. Achieving this result is because during difficult economic times, many businesses waited for the market to recover. Phuc Sinh sent employees to Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries to promote trade and find new customers.

The company also researches the production of new products, improves product quality from input materials on the farm to final processing and packaging, and builds additional processing factories attached to raw material areas.

“We spend a lot of money and effort traveling around the world, in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia to find orders, and go directly to meet customers in the host countries. We invest in many factories to change quality with new technology, improve product quality in a specialized way, that’s why we have great support from customers and have many orders.” , said Mr. Phan Minh Thong, General Director of Phuc Sinh Company.

Improve infrastructure to compete on prices

According to the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, this year, not only did businesses in Ho Chi Minh City grow well, but the country’s agricultural export situation grew very positively. From the beginning of the year until now, the total export value of Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable products has reached 5.2 billion USD, an increase of about 60% over the same period last year.

Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, General Secretary of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, said that Vietnam’s fruit export market is still very potential, especially with neighboring countries. However, in addition to properly implementing planning of growing areas and training farmers and manufacturers to implement food safety and hygiene standards and traceability, authorities and localities must Need to promote trade promotion and expand markets. The state also needs to focus on investing in infrastructure in production areas to contribute to reducing product costs, shortening agricultural product transportation time, and improving competitiveness.

Workers are transporting raw materials to the processing plant.

“The State supports farmers and businesses to increase investment in infrastructure for agricultural production areas such as building roads, repairing bridges and culverts… to serve the transportation of agricultural products to places of consumption and packaging. Convenient packaging and processing, saving and reducing costs is the most practical thing,” Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen added.
​In a difficult economic context, the positive growth of agricultural product export results of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City as well as the whole country is a good sign. However, to continue promoting exports of this industry in the coming time, the efforts of farmers and businesses are not enough. Farmers and businesses want the support of authorities in promoting trade and especially promoting the construction of transportation infrastructure in rural areas.