Agricultural, forestry and fishery exports flourished in terms of selling prices and markets

Với kim ngạch xuất khẩu trong 2 tháng đầu năm 2024 tăng vọt hơn 50% so với cùng kỳ năm ngoái, các mặt hàng nông, lâm, thủy sản đã thu hơn 9,8 tỷ USD. Đây là tín hiệu khởi sắc, thể hiện sự phục hồi đáng ghi nhận của các mặt hàng này. Thời gian tới, ngành Nông nghiệp sẽ tiếp tục mở cửa và khơi thông thị trường, nhằm đảm bảo rằng sự hồi phục này là bền vững.

Durian exports alone are likely to reach 3.5 billion USD this year.

The average export price of many major agricultural products increased

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) said that in February 2024, the export value of agriculture, forestry and fishery products reached 4.48 billion USD, an increase of 21.8% over the same period last year. last year but down 16.5% compared to January 2024. Overall, in the past 2 months, the export turnover of agriculture, forestry and fishery products increased sharply, reaching 9.84 billion USD, an increase of over 50% (compared to the same period in 2023). Of which, agricultural products reached 5.18 billion USD, an increase of 55.7%; Forest products reached 2.9 billion USD, an increase of 59.7%; seafood reached 1.37 million USD, an increase of 28.9%; livestock reached 78 million USD, an increase of 15.1%; production input 309 million USD, an increase of 13.6%.

Most key products will achieve higher export value in the same year 2023, such as wooden products reaching 1.68 billion USD, an increase of 59%; Coffee reached 1.38 billion USD, an increase of 85%; fruits and vegetables reached 970 million USD, an increase of 72.8%; rice reached 708 million USD, an increase of 49.8%; cashew nuts reached 595 million USD, an increase of 68.2%; Shrimp reached 403 million USD, an increase of 20.5%. Pangasius exports alone only reached 224 million USD, down 0.7%.

The above results were also due to the increase in average export prices of many main agricultural products. For example, rice reached 699 USD/ton, an increase of 32.2%; Coffee reached 3,153 USD/ton, an increase of 44.7%; rubber 1,429 USD/ton, up 3.4%; Pepper reached 4,041 USD/ton, an increase of 28.7%; Tea reached 1,699 USD/ton, up 1.7%…

Notably, fruit and vegetable exports to famous, demanding markets with very high quality requirements all grew strongly, such as: Korea increased by 121%, the US increased by 83%, Australia increased by 75%, and Japan increased 53%. Exporting fruits and vegetables to demanding markets with many strict standards has affirmed the position and quality of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables and will open up many great opportunities for this industry this year.

In the first 2 months of 2024, the export market structure will change when the United States accounts for the largest proportion (2.1 billion USD). The Chinese market ranked second (more than 2 billion USD). Next are the Japanese and Philippine markets, while Korea falls to fifth. The European market (EU) accounts for 42%.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien commented that from the market structure, it shows that the quality of Vietnam’s agricultural products has met high-end markets. For example, with the US market, the EU has had a very good start. This shows that the recovery of markets as well as the restructuring of the Agricultural sector has been linked more closely to the market.

Proactively forecast and expand the market

Further evaluating the export situation of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, Mr. Phung Duc Tien also said that recent export activities, especially in the field of fishery and agricultural products, have begun to show signs of positive recovery.

However, this is only the result of the first 2 months of the year, in the context of the world economy with many unpredictable developments and geopolitical difficulties such as conflicts in the Red Sea and Russia – Ukraine. This requires being proactive in forecasting the current product structure and market structure to adjust flexibly, ensuring adaptation to ongoing complex developments to reach the finish line with the mission. growth and export crop in 2024.

To ensure a sustainable export recovery, in the coming time, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will continue to handle market issues to create favorable conditions for exporting agricultural and aquatic products; Implement projects to promote the export of agricultural, forestry and fishery products to China, US, Japan and EU markets; At the same time, open new markets with much potential such as Halal Muslim countries, the Middle East, Africa…

Typically, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently directing De Hues Group to focus on exporting chicken meat to the Halal market. This is a very important market with 2.2 billion people. Focusing on demanding markets, especially the Halal market, will help Vietnamese agricultural products reach many new segments and markets.

If everything goes smoothly, Vietnam can export 1,000 tons of chicken/month. This number will mark a turning point in the process of Vietnam expanding its export market. In addition, the ministry has also directed the fisheries industry to focus on promoting and opening the Halal market.

“Even though we have exported to many markets and trade promotion has been effective, we must enter difficult markets with special characteristics so that Vietnam’s agricultural products can reach many markets.” segments, many markets to get more export revenue” – Mr. Tien said.

Deputy Minister Phung Duc Tien also noted more about the Chinese market. Currently, Vietnam is implementing trade for products such as meat, coconuts and frozen durian to China. This market still has a lot of potential for expansion for Vietnamese agricultural products. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will conduct negotiations with China to have more products officially exported to this market.

In parallel with market expansion, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also supports businesses to take advantage of free trade agreements, especially the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. South – EU to promote export of key agricultural, forestry and fishery products; Support businesses in signing new export orders; At the same time, coordinate to support trademark protection and geographical indications for Vietnam’s potential export products abroad.

In addition, in 2024, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will also organize 970 forums to support connecting agricultural product consumption; seminars to disseminate information, market regulations and consumer tastes, connect consumption through the system of commercial and agricultural counselors in markets, domestic retail distribution chains, and trading floors electronics… for agricultural products and OCOP products.