Celebrate International Women’s Day March 8 at Hung Hau – Happy Women’s Day

Today is a very special day for all women around the world. It is a day when women are loved and honored for the values they have built and contributed to business, society and the country.

To express appreciation and gratitude for the contributions of women. The Union of Hung Hau Agricultural Corporation company organized an intimate party to welcome women on March 8. Joining in the joyful atmosphere, the gentlemen at Hung Hau sent congratulations to the women along with the freshest flowers.

On behalf of the gentlemen, Hung Hau sends wishes to the wonderful women who will always be cheerful, happy, strong, confident, and enthusiastic in their work to contribute to bringing many positive values. In socio-economic development, the country is increasingly rich, democratic, civilized and constantly learning and cultivating knowledge to affirm women’s position in the new era. Especially, she is always the freshest, most vibrant, full of life flower and is always a great mother, wife and a solid support base for her family and loved ones.

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