Certain Vietnamese exports to be subject to EU pesticide checks

Products subject to checks under new regulations include bell peppers, instant noodles, and durians.

Vietnamese bell peppers, instant noodles, and durians exported to the EU will be subject to inspections for excessive pesticide residue at EU borders, with a frequency of 50 per cent, 20 per cent, and 10 per cent, respectively, under the bloc’s new regulations, according to the Vietnam Trade Office in Belgium and the EU.

The EU announced on January 17 in the official gazette the implementation of regulations on the temporary increase of official controls and emergency measures governing the entry of certain goods from certain third countries into the bloc.

This is the first time Vietnamese durians have been subject to excessive pesticide residue testing at EU borders.

Under the new regulations, Vietnamese okra and dragon fruit are still listed in Appendix II regarding the requirement for a certificate of pesticide control from Vietnam, with inspection frequencies of 50 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively, at EU borders.

The new regulations will take effect 20 days after publication in the official gazette.

Source:Certain Vietnamese exports to be subject to EU pesticide checks – Vietnam Economic Times | VnEconomy