Recently, the rice flour straws in Dong Thap has been produced from rice flour, wheat flour, and flour. In normal environments, this type of straw is left for 18 months; Keep the original form in cold water for up to 2 hours.

Photo: Sorting out straws, the most time consuming process in the production process.

After 1 year of research, Mr. Vo Minh Khang, General Director of Hung Hau Food Co., Ltd. (Sa Dec Industrial Park, Dong Thap) and engineers and employees of the company invented the rice flour straws made of flour to replace plastic straws.

As a technical people, Mr. Khang said: “When he took surveys in other countries, he found that developed countries no longer liked plastic straws because of environmental pollution, so he was determined to research and produce friendly products. Environmental friendly.”

Photo: The main raw material to make powdered straws is from Sa Dec rice flour mixed with natural colors from vegetables and fruits.

Photo: Create a shape for rice flour straws

Photo: Cut the straw then put it back into the hanging rig for sorting out & cutting again

Mr. Khang chose Rice flour as preferred, because it has many easy-to-make products. Moreover, his factory is located in Sa Dec, where a hundred-year-old traditional flour village is located, with a rich source of rice flour. This made him even more keen on the idea of “rice flour straws”.

However, for the first time of research process, he and his colleagues had to go through many difficulties, sometimes they thought the idea was not possible. The most difficult is how to control the reinforce the flour more durable, anti-broken, brittle, more, so we have to find the standard formula to handle without using chemicals (plasticizer, tough). I want to make clean straws, protect the environment, health, so I have to find a way to self-treat on coarse flour foundation, including 80% rice flour, the rest is wheat flour, and flour. The color of the straw is extracted from vegetables, tubers, fruits.” Mr. Khang said.

After 1 year of research, in October 2018, clean straws from rice flour of Hung Hau Food Co., Ltd. were born.  Avoid sunlight and keep it in normal environment for 18 months. When using, keep it in cold water for at least 30 minutes and maximum for 2 hours

Photo: The straws have not been cut.

Photo: Mr. Vo Minh Khang is checking product again.

The company’s production line has a capacity of 100,000 straws / day. Although it has only been introduced to the market for more than 2 months now, it has attracted many people. Mr. Khang said that in February, he will operate the second line, increasing the capacity by 5 times, increasing the number of workers from 45 to about 70 people. This product is exported to South Korea, Japan and some European countries.

According to Mr. Khang, the company currently only produces one size of 8 mm diameter straw but will develop more sizes soon, especially straws to drink milk tea. In addition, the company is researching to develop more colors such as gold, red … following customer requirements.

Photo: Four colors of rice flour straws.

Photo: The ingredients that make up the rice straws are 80% rice flour, the rest are wheat flour, and flour

Photo: The color of the straw is extracted from vegetables, tubers and fruits.

Photo: Many young people in Dong Thap province use rice flour straws now.

So far, the testing of products on the market is very good, the products are very supportive by consumers. I am trying to find ways to reduce costs to get lower unit prices, helping more people get access to this product, so that can be save environment sucessful. If this product is only for the middle & upstream class, it doesn’t make any sense for our enviroment ” Mr. Khang said.

“Young generation is very conscious of protecting the environment and using plastic substitutes. We believe in the long run, this will be the trend of Vietnam. A lot of people have asked me about this product. Currently, we have an order with a distributor in Vietnam, a very large number and in the future the company will focus on friendly products and environmental protection”, Mr. Khang added.