Expand agricultural export market share

Border Guard – In the context of a sharp decline in most key export industries in 2023 such as textiles, footwear, wood…, agricultural export becomes a bright spot for the economy. More importantly, agriculture continues to affirm its position as a pillar of the economy.

Facing many fluctuations in the world market, the agricultural industry remains steadfast with its goal of achieving an export turnover of 54 billion USD this year. In the past 11 months, exports of the entire agriculture, forestry and fishery sector reached 47.84 billion USD. It is forecast that in December 2023, world consumer demand for agricultural products will increase, along with the advantages of vegetables, rice, cashew nuts and the return of stability to the forestry, fishery and agricultural export markets. December assets will bring in more than 5 billion USD, close to the goal set for the whole year.

Up to this point, the agricultural industry has had 6 products with an export value of over 3 billion USD, including: coffee, rice, vegetables, cashew nuts, shrimp, wood and wooden products. Among them, the biggest bright spot is that rice and fruit and vegetable exports have continuously skyrocketed for many months. It is forecasted that rice exports in 2023 will set a record in both volume of 8.3-8.4 million tons and turnover of 4.7-4.8 billion USD. Fruit and vegetable exports also far exceeded all expectations when estimated to reach an export value of 5.8 billion USD, growing more than 74% over the same period in 2022.

According to experts, the spectacular breakthrough in agricultural exports comes from clearly improved product quality, contributing to improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the world market. For example, Vietnam has 85% of new rice varieties, 89% of high quality rice and is building a rice chain. Recently, Vietnamese rice was recognized by the Global Rice Summit as the best rice in the world.

On the other hand, thanks to good implementation of regulations on food safety and disease safety, Vietnam has effectively exploited new generation Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to expand agricultural export market share. products worldwide.

Besides, we still maintain a stable amount of agricultural products exported to large, traditional markets such as the US, Japan, EU…

Notably, the Chinese market leads in the total export value of Vietnam’s agricultural, forestry and fishery products, with about 11.5 billion USD in 11 months, accounting for 23.2%. With watermelon just being allowed to be officially exported to China, up to now there have been 14 types of Vietnamese agricultural products officially exported to the Chinese market. In addition, China has allowed cross-border export of 12 fruit and vegetable products, milk, 805 seafood processing facilities, 40 live crab and lobster packaging facilities and 5 black tiger shrimp and shrimp packaging facilities. white leg tag; 128 species/product types and 48 aquatic species.

The agricultural industry expects that after the visit to Vietnam by General Secretary and President of China Xi Jinping, agricultural trade will be further promoted, so that Vietnam can expand and increase exports to the Chinese market. Quoc.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that Vietnam’s major markets are recovering strongly, which is an opportunity to maintain and gradually expand agricultural export market share from now until 2024. In addition, If the loan program for the forestry and fisheries sectors has a credit capital of about VND 15,000 billion disbursed, these two sectors will also rise and contribute positively to the export value of agricultural products in the coming time.

​However, to take advantage of the opportunity to accelerate agricultural exports, it is necessary to demonstrate to world consumers the outstanding quality of Vietnamese agricultural products, along with ensuring agricultural, forestry and fishery exports. Standardized and synchronized in quality, packaging, labeling, food safety and hygiene, traceability, with logo, trademark, national brand.

Source: https://www.bienphong.com.vn/mo-rong-thi-phan-xuat-khau-nong-san-post470667.html