Expand Vietnam-US agricultural trade relations

NDO – To celebrate the event of the United States and Vietnam upgrading to a comprehensive strategic partnership, the US Department of Agriculture and the US Embassy in Hanoi organized the United Tastes American Barbecue Festival. The event introduced American food, beverages, agricultural products and culture to importers, retailers, hotels, restaurants and chefs in Vietnam.

US Ambassador Marc Knapper spoke at the event.

Recently, the United States and Vietnam announced to upgrade their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. The close cooperation between the United States and Vietnam in promoting agricultural trade, and trade in general, is a testament to the commitment between the two countries in building a prosperous future for their people. United States, Vietnam, region and world.

US Ambassador Marc Knapper said: “Total bilateral trade turnover in 2022 has increased more than 300 times compared to 1995. Today’s event is an example of effective trade relations between the United States and Vietnam, especially in the field of agricultural products. This vibrant two-way trade relationship benefits the manufacturers, exporters, importers and consumers of the two countries.”

US Agriculture Counselor Ralph Bean spoke at the event.

US Agriculture Counselor Ralph Bean shared: “This is a special opportunity for businesses in the Vietnamese food and beverage industry to meet with representatives of 16 US food, wine and beer associations in Hanoi. , to strengthen and expand relationships, as well as learn more about the high quality and diverse agricultural products of the United States.”

US-Vietnam agricultural trade has grown rapidly in the last five years, with bilateral agricultural trade turnover reaching $9.8 billion in 2022. Vietnam is the 9th largest importer. for US agricultural products, while the US is the largest importer of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Guests have the opportunity to visit and enjoy American agricultural products.

At the event, guests have the opportunity to enjoy an American-style barbecue with 20 diverse dishes made from 28 American ingredients including: pork, chicken, potatoes, California cheese, Washington apples, blueberries, and grapes. dried, Wisconsin ginseng, fresh tofu and cooking oil made from US soybeans; beef, rum, grapefruit, sorghum cereal, gluten-free sorghum flour and Texas BBQ sauce. The buffet dinner menu is individually designed and prepared by chefs from Moose and Roo Smokehouse.

Participating at the event, Vietnamese-American “MasterChef” Champion Christine Ha and her husband, John Suh, demonstrated cooking a dish made from beef ingredients, served with BBQ sauce from Texas and grapefruit salad.

Vietnamese-American Master Chef Champion Christine Ha shared: “I am very excited to explore Hanoi’s culinary culture, as well as introduce beef, grapefruit and BBQ sauce products from Texas – my home state, in cooking demonstration today. I hope sharing stories about American BBQ traditions and that my trip will inspire me to create new menu items when I return to the United States.”

Source: https://nhandan.vn/mo-rong-quan-he-thuong-mai-nong-san-viet-nam-hoa-ky-post773831.html