Exporting agricultural products through bustling border gates at the beginning of the year

Even in the first days of the new year 2024, containers of agricultural products are still regularly exported through border gates in Lao Cai.

At the border gates in Lao Cai, every day, durian containers line up one after another to go to China. Although it has only been officially cleared through Kim Thanh border gate for more than a year, durian has soon risen to become the commodity group with the largest export turnover reaching 231 million USD, accounting for nearly 44% of total fruit and vegetable export turnover. locally.

Mr. Han Dao – To Dao Co Ltd., Hekou district, Yunnan province, China said: “Because the Chinese domestic market has many food and beverage items processed directly from durian intestines. If If this Vietnamese product can be exported to China, it will definitely be welcomed by the market and meet consumer demand.”

Exporting agricultural products through Lao Cai province’s border gate was bustling at the beginning of the year.

In addition to durian, many other Vietnamese agricultural products such as dragon fruit, lychee, cassava, and watermelon also pass through Lao Cai Provincial Border Gate and export strongly to the Chinese market. With the need for careful preservation and quick customs clearance time, in order to increase turnover, customs in Lao Cai also sets aside separate export channels, minimizing customs clearance time for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Along with procedural support, the Department of Industry and Trade of Lao Cai province also directly promotes Vietnamese fruit products to China. Many cooperation agreements have been signed, along with products such as bird’s nest and watermelon being officially exported to China in 2023, opening up great opportunities to increase agricultural export turnover.

Lao Cai is also making efforts to improve infrastructure, increase customs clearance capacity, and reduce logistics costs, so that Lao Cai can truly become an effective connection point between Vietnam and the large Chinese market.

​Source: https://www.baohoabinh.com.vn/12/185613/xuat-khau-nong-san-qua-cua-khau-nhon-nhip-dau-nam.htm