Lang Son: more than 1,000 vehicles of agricultural products clear customs every day

Kinhtedothi – At two international border gates, Huu Nghi and Tan Thanh border gate (Lang Son), from the beginning of 2024 until now, import and export activities have had many positive changes, an average of about 1,000 vehicles/day, peaking at Up to 1,200 vehicles/day, no congestion occurs.

Information from the Lang Son Provincial Customs Department said that in the first quarter of 2024, the turnover of declarations opened at the Department reached over 1 billion USD, an increase of 27.3% compared to the same period in 2023. Total turnover of import and export goods Exports of all types through the province are estimated to reach over 13.1 billion USD, up 30.7% over the same period in 2023.

Of which, fresh fruit products reached over 900,000 tons, an increase of more than 58% over the same period in 2023. The main products are dragon fruit, durian, watermelon, mango, jackfruit… exported through Tan Border Gate. Thanh and Huu Nghi International Border Gate.

Along with that, the volume of vehicles carrying goods clearing customs across the border has also increased. At Huu Nghi International Border Gate and Tan Thanh Border Gate, the number of vehicles clearing customs always accounts for 90% of the total number of import and export vehicles. in the area, with an average of about 1,000 vehicles/day, with peaks of up to 1,200 vehicles/day.

Mr. Vy Cong Tuong – Deputy Director of Lang Son Provincial Customs Department – shared: The forces at the province’s border gates have flexibly deployed many solutions, proactively coordinated, arranged forces on duty, and deployed tasks. Create the most favorable conditions for customs clearance of goods, combine the fight against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods, and ensure security and order in border gate areas.

“It is forecasted that in the coming time, the flow of goods to border gates of Lang Son province will increase. Especially for fresh fruit products because they are at harvest time. The functional forces working at the border gate are implementing additional measures such as organizing overtime, increasing working hours, strengthening foreign relations, and coordinating with corresponding forces on the Chinese side… to ensure operations. Import and export are maintained smoothly,” Mr. Vy Cong Tuong emphasized.