Opening the Chinese market, coconut exports have the opportunity to exceed billions of dollars

According to businesses, signing the Protocol to officially export coconuts to China will help this product have the opportunity to exceed the 1 billion USD mark in the near future, while also opening up “make-or-break” opportunities for many people main locality for coconut production.

Leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) recently had a meeting with the General Department of Customs of China. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the two sides agreed to soon complete procedures to sign the Protocol on plant quarantine requirements for Vietnamese fresh coconuts and frozen durians exported to China.

In particular, the two sides initialed the negotiation of the protocol requiring plant quarantine for fresh coconut exports from Vietnam to China. After this information, Vietnamese businesses seemed very excited when the market of 1.4 billion people was opened.

Talking with reporter Tien Phong, Mr. Tran Van Duc – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ben Tre Coconut Investment Joint Stock Company – said that China’s current demand for importing coconuts is very large. Each year, China uses about 2.6 billion fresh coconuts and 1.5 billion coconuts for processing, while the country’s coconut output only meets 10%.

Signing the Protocol to officially export coconuts to China helps coconut exports have the opportunity to exceed the billion USD mark in the near future.

According to Mr. Duc, determining that this is a potential market, businesses have long wanted to bring products into this market. However, because the two countries do not have a Protocol, the company’s coconut products cannot be exported even though the company’s products have gone to high-end markets such as Europe, America, the Middle East…

“Vietnam currently ranks 7th in coconut production worldwide. Our advantage is that we are close to China, so if we can open this market, coconut exports will have a breakthrough,” Mr. Duc said.

This person also said that currently in the market, a number of partners in China have begun to contact to learn about and visit the company’s factory and products. Mr. Duc is also confident that he has experience exporting fresh coconuts to high-end markets, so it will not be too difficult to meet the requirements of raw material areas and packaging facilities from China. The important thing now is to wait for instructions from the authorities.

Ms. Dang Huynh Uc My – President of Betrimex – said that currently Vietnam has more than 180,000 hectares of coconuts. Large numbers are concentrated in the central coastal provinces and the Mekong Delta. In particular, like Ben Tre province, coconut products have been exported to nearly 100 countries and regions, including European, American and Middle Eastern markets, and coconut accounts for more than 42.5% of sales. province’s export revenue.

“Last year, coconut was also identified as a key economic crop for the first time and exports reached the 1 billion USD mark. With abundant supply, when Vietnamese coconuts are officially exported to China, this product will have the opportunity to exceed the 1 billion USD mark, contributing to increasing people’s income and promoting specialized domestic coconut production. more professional and standardized,” Ms. My said.

Mr. Huynh Tan Dat – Director of the Plant Protection Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – said that over the past 2 years, the department has discussed in depth with Chinese specialized agencies on technical issues related to pest management. harmful diseases, fruit quality and safety management measures, as well as product packaging.

According to Mr. Dat, promoting the signing of the protocol on fresh coconuts is one of the innovations China creates for Vietnam. Successfully opening the market for each agricultural product also shows the trust of the international market in Vietnamese agricultural products.