Positive signals for agricultural exports in 2024

Information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) said that in January 2024, agricultural, forestry and fishery exports reached 5.14 billion USD, an increase of 79.2% over the same period last year. Notably, prices of agricultural products increased sharply in January 2024. Among them, there are 2 products that continue to increase, including: Tea buds and tea hooks (increased by 19 – 30%); bell pepper (33%); Some products increased slightly such as: black pepper (5%); coffee (4 – 9%); regular rice (over 6%); Cat Chu mango (8%); red flesh dragon fruit (3.4%); white-fleshed dragon fruit (4.5%); raw shrimp (4%); raw fish (5 – 6.7%).

Vietnamese pineapple has penetrated many markets.

Regarding the market, the export value of agricultural, forestry and fishery products to all markets increased. Of which exports to the Americas were 1.18 billion USD (up 93.6%); Africa 104 million USD (up 185.4%); Asia 2.52 billion USD (up 86.3%); Europe 532 million USD (up 38.2%) and Oceania 78 million USD (up 100.9%).

Export value to the Chinese market accounted for 23%, an increase of 106.9%; The United States accounted for 20.8%, an increase of 95.9% and Japan accounted for 7.4%, an increase of 47.5%.

Good export signals of some industries in the first month of 2024 will create a premise for agricultural, forestry and fishery exports to accelerate in 2024.

According to Chairman of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association Dang Phuc Nguyen, in 2024, Vietnam’s vegetable and fruit exports will flourish thanks to key products: durian, dragon fruit, bananas, jackfruit, and mango. In particular, if frozen durian and fresh coconut are added, fruit and vegetable exports will set a new record, reaching at least 6 billion USD, with an expectation of reaching 6.5 billion USD.

Vice President of the Vietnam Food Association Do Ha Nam said that rice export will continue to be a bright spot in 2024 when the world demand for food, including rice, remains high. Due to the effects of El Nino, rice yields may decrease. In addition, India may still maintain a ban on rice exports in the near future, causing the supply-demand balance to shift in 2024. Meanwhile, many countries, especially the Philippines and Indonesia, continue to increase their demand. Rice import demand will be a beneficial condition for Vietnamese rice export enterprises.

Mr. Do Ha Nam also expects that by 2024, with the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local authorities, the implementation of the project of 1 million hectares of high-quality rice and low emissions will be completed. . However, there need to be solutions for businesses and farmers to access. In particular, farmers must produce rice with low emissions to improve quality and increase the value of rice grains.

​The agricultural sector targets the entire sector’s GDP growth at 3.0 – 3.5%. Total export turnover of agricultural, forestry and fishery products is about 54 – 55 billion USD. However, according to Mr. Phung Duc Tien – Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, despite the advantage of abundant raw material resources, building a brand and adding value to agricultural products requires investment in research and application. Science and technology in processing, increasing productivity and quality.

Regarding solutions to boost exports, in parallel with maintaining traditional markets such as the United States, Japan, and the European Union (EU), the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development strives to open new markets with much potential, especially especially Halal Muslim countries, the Middle East, Africa… Accompany and support businesses to sign new export orders.

​Source: https://daidoanket.vn/tin-hieu-tich-cuc-xuat-khau-nong-san-nam-2024-10272769.html