Tan Thanh border gate is bustling with border trade activities

At the end of the year, the number of vehicles and goods arriving at Tan Thanh border gate, Van Lang district, Lang Son province for import and export began to increase.

Vehicles carrying agricultural products into the Tan Thanh border gate’s non-tariff area are parked waiting for export.

Grasping the vibrant trade situation, the functional forces on duty at Tan Thanh border gate are implementing many measures so that border trade activities through the area can be traded quickly and achieve the highest level of efficiency.

According to the functional forces working at Tan Thanh border gate, on average every day, the border gate has about 240 vehicles carrying export goods and nearly 200 vehicles carrying imported goods cleared through customs. Main export goods are fruits (dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango) and agricultural products; Main imported goods are onions, garlic, apples, grapes, green vegetables of all kinds…

To help the import and export customs clearance of goods quickly and smoothly, the customs force at the border gate has synchronously deployed solutions; which always arranges enough civil servants to work, handle procedures, and prioritize customs clearance for export of fresh fruits. From the beginning of the year until now, import and export tax revenue paid to the state budget through Tan Thanh border gate has reached nearly 20 billion VND.

Director of Tan Thanh Customs Branch Vu Van Binh said that the unit will proactively take customs clearance measures, prioritize customs clearance items, and coordinate with forces to create the most favorable conditions for customs clearance through customs clearance. border gate as quickly as possible, avoiding congestion at the border gate area. At the same time, the unit actively coordinates with relevant industries to support businesses in declaring and connecting electronic customs data information to ensure the fastest service for people and businesses.

Statistics show that fresh fruit accounts for about 85% of the total amount of goods exported through Tan Thanh border gate. The goods are delivered quickly and conveniently, many shippers and drivers importing and exporting through this border gate are very happy and excited. It has been recorded that most trucks carrying exported agricultural products are cleared through customs immediately upon arrival at the border gate; different from the image a few years ago with congestion, waiting, and queuing for many days to get customs clearance.

Driver Vo Van Ba, Binh Dinh province, excitedly said he had transported fresh dragon fruit from Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan province) to Tan Thanh border gate for export. Upon entering the border gate area, border guards quickly guided them to the waiting area. Traffic in the area is very clear, cars move quickly without any trouble.

‚ÄčIn order for vehicles carrying goods to move easily in the border gate area as well as quickly clear goods, the Border Guard force at Tan Thanh border gate has deployed professional measures and arranged manpower to be on duty 24 hours a day. /24 at locations at high risk of congestion to handle it immediately when the phenomenon occurs; Assign officers and soldiers to ensure security and order in the wharf area, develop plans to ensure traffic, limit congestion, reasonable and scientifically regulate vehicles from inland to border gate areas and from the parking lot to the export waiting area. With the initiative and flexibility of the Border Guard force, up to now there has been no congestion at the Tan Thanh border gate area.

According to Captain Dong Dinh Yen, Deputy Head of Tan Thanh Border Guard Station, Lang Son province, the border guard force at the control station has implemented professional measures to regulate vehicles entering and exiting the border gate; Guide cargo drivers to go in the right lane, in the right guise, in the right turn, ensuring that vehicles arriving at Tan Thanh border gate are exported most conveniently.

Tan Thanh border gate is one of the road border gates with the busiest import and export activities in Lang Son province throughout the year, especially at the end of the year because this is a border gate specializing in import and export of flower products. fruits and agricultural products between Vietnam and China. With the characteristics of fruit and agricultural products that must be consumed immediately because of the storage time involved, the implementation of synchronous measures by the competent forces for quick customs clearance is one of the credits. Optimistic import and export performance at the end of the year, thereby increasing the attraction of import and export of goods through Tan Thanh border gate.

Source: https://baotintuc.vn/kinh-te/cua-khau-tan-thanh-soi-dong-hoat-dong-bien-mau-20231122103126431.htm