The dream of “king of cashews” is becoming a reality

Kinhtedothi – With Gia Bao Cashew Joint Stock Company, instead of chasing quantity, CEO Tran Van Son focuses on applying a green economic model, devoting many resources to developing new products, expanding markets and building trade. brand, gradually realizing the dream of “king of cashew”…

Invest in the largest green cashew processing factory in Vietnam

After nearly 14 years of formation and development, Gia Bao Cashew Joint Stock Company (Gia Bao Cashew) has risen to become one of the leading enterprises in the field of processing and supplying agricultural products in Vietnam; At the same time, it becomes a Vietnamese Organic brand known and trusted by consumers around the world.

CEO, General Director of Gia Bao Cashew Tran Van Son shared: “My childhood is closely associated with the growth of the cashew tree, the flowering and fruiting seasons. That’s why from childhood to adulthood, I always thought I would live with things and die with things.”

Cashew nuts are so ingrained in the mind, so even though he chose to study petroleum engineering, when he graduated, Mr. Tran Van Son still quit his job to return to Binh Phuoc to start building a cashew brand after his mother’s name. and from there “Ba Tu Binh Phuoc Cashew Nuts” was born.

Gia Bao Corporation Joint Stock Company invested 6.5 million USD to build Ba Tu Binh Phuoc agricultural and food processing factory with an area of ​​20,000 m2, capacity of 4,000 tons/year.

Having products and a brand, Mr. Son boldly invested 6.5 million USD to build Ba Tu Binh Phuoc agricultural and food processing factory with an area of ​​20,000 m2, capacity of 4,000 tons/year. Expected to be completed in June 2025, this will be the largest green cashew processing factory in Vietnam.

“A modern factory is not enough, the company also focuses on training a highly technical workforce to meet strict regulations on production processes, food safety and hygiene, and microbial control. … this is an important premise towards sustainable development” – Mr. Son said.

Complying and perfecting the standard cashew processing line, in 2023, Ba Tu Binh Phuoc Cashew Nut product was honored to receive the National Typical Rural Industrial Product Brand Award.

At the end of 2023, the company maintained its leading position with revenue of over 10 million USD. Currently, the Ba Tu Binh Phuoc Cashew brand is present in stores and supermarkets across the country, and has been successfully exported to many countries and territories around the world such as Taiwan (China), China, and the US …

In particular, currently, Binh Phuoc is the first locality in the country to have a geographical indication for cashew nuts with the brand name “Ba Tu Binh Phuoc Cashew Nuts” and is protected by intellectual property rights: “When labeled with the indication , cashew products can go to any supermarket or market. If you want to be the “king” of this industry, you must be able to handle both the input materials and the output finished products” – General Director of Gia Bao Cashew Nuts confided.

Make a splash with the Green Cashew project

Assessing that the sustainable development of Vietnam’s cashew industry is still weak, greening factors from growing areas to farming techniques have not been focused, in April 2024, Gia Bao Cashew and social enterprise Green Journey coordinated cooperate to build the Green Cashew project, with the goal of clean agricultural products from farm to table.

Accordingly, the Green Cashew Project not only focuses on cashew trees, but also aims to support the development of a livelihood ecosystem under the cashew canopy for the community, especially ethnic people with deep connections. with the cashew tree – a tree considered “the tree that eliminates hunger and reduces poverty”.

In addition, the project also aims to become a bridge between relevant parties in the cashew production chain, offering solutions to contribute to supporting the sustainable development of the cashew industry following green trends. Focus on improving the quality and added value of cashew products, along with protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development for resources surrounding cashew trees; At the same time, fully promote the effectiveness of the close connection between production, purchasing, processing and consumption…

“The project will promote research and development of deeply processed products suitable for the domestic market as well as export to enhance the value of Vietnamese cashew nuts; At the same time, replant, expand and link growing areas, improve farming techniques and varieties, thereby improving productivity and helping cashew farmers get rich on their land” – Mr. Tran Van Son expected.

Also according to General Director of Cashew Gia Bao, the Green Cashew project also focuses on measures to reduce carbon emissions in the cashew processing process: “With about 320,000 hectares of cashew cultivation, huge potential from carbon credits This will help our country’s cashew farmers gain greater profits” – Mr. Tran Van Son is confident.