The opportunity to export coconut is wide open, businesses are happy

(PLO)- Coconuts and products made from coconuts are gaining great momentum in Vietnam’s agricultural product industry when they have the potential to reach the export target of over 1 billion USD in 2023.
Experts, businesses (DN) of agricultural products see that Vietnam’s coconut industry (VN) will have many opportunities to export over 1 billion USD this year, especially when the US has officially reopened for coconuts. fresh VN. Meanwhile, China is eager to connect and promote the import of Vietnamese coconuts through official channels.

The potential of Vietnamese coconuts

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tung, General Director of Vina T&T Import-Export Company, said that the unit is promoting the export of fresh coconuts to the US, Australia, Korea and Japan. In the first six months of the year, his company’s export sales increased by 25%.

“As soon as there was news that the US was reopening, we proceeded to place orders to re-export this market. Before that each month we exported about 30 containers to the US. It is forecasted that in the second quarter of this year, coconut exports will increase,” said Mr. Tung.

Vietnamese coconuts have great potential to access billions of dollars in export value.

Similarly, Ms. Pham Thi Van, Director of Laughing Coconut Co., Ltd (Cocosmile), is also busy with coconut orders for export to Japan, Korea, Australia, USA and preparing for the Chinese market. Currently, orders for fresh coconuts, frozen coconuts, as well as fresh copra products, and frozen Siamese coconut water are being positively received from the above-mentioned fastidious markets.

Particularly for the US market, according to Ms. Van, earlier orders were quite small because the US temporarily stopped importing fresh coconuts. However, with the reopening of the US, orders are expected to increase rapidly in this market.

“Currently, Vietnam’s coconuts are going to many countries, and the International Coconut Association also recognizes Vietnam as the country that owns the most diverse coconut products. Therefore, when there are more official export markets, the coconut industry will quickly join the billion-dollar club “- Ms. Van assessed.

Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Chairman of Ben Tre Coconut Association, also said that after the good news of the US officially reopening for fresh coconuts, businesses are looking forward to the opportunity to officially export to China.

“We are currently waiting for good news as well as specific instructions on planting area codes … from the authorities after working with the Chinese government,” said Mr. Tuan.

According to Mr. Tuan, Ben Tre currently has five main coconut products, accounting for 80% of the export turnover of Ben Tre coconut. These five products include coconut milk, desiccated coconut, canned coconut water, activated carbon and coir thread.

The coconut industry is implementing many plans

Many businesses believe that Vietnam’s coconut industry still has many difficulties to be solved, especially in logistics. For example, compared with Thailand, Vietnam’s coconut price is currently quite good, but in terms of logistics, Thailand has many advantages and the government of this country also has a policy to support freight.

Pham Thi Van shared: “For small businesses like us, logistics problems are currently an obstacle in price competition, even though the quality of coconut is very good. The cost of transporting a container of goods from Ben Tre to the US of Vietnam is at least 10%-15% higher than Thailand’s.

In addition, according to Ms. Van, the domestic coconut export industry is currently lacking in linkages. “For example, the same type of export Siamese coconut has the same quality as Thailand, but in our country, if you go to four factories, sometimes there will be four different prices. Whereas in Thailand, they will have the same price,” said Van.

Mr. Cao Ba Dang Khoa, acting Secretary General of the Vietnam Coconut Association, acknowledged that with the US approval of Vietnamese coconuts entering the market, European countries also opened their doors, not only fresh coconuts, but also whole coconuts. dry, raw material. This will raise the value of the coconut in the country.

In addition, Vietnam’s fresh coconuts are currently absent from the Chinese market, while information from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture shows that our coconut products currently only meet 3.5% of total consumption demand. of this market. This is a very potential market for businesses and the agricultural product industry in Vietnam.

“The coconut industry is very potential. However, we should also be very careful, because the risk that in the next 2-3 years, domestic manufacturing enterprises will have a scarcity of raw materials, making it difficult to compete with post-processed products “- Mr. Khoa said.

However, to access and increase the export turnover of products for this market needs the efforts of many agencies, departments, business community and coconut farmers. In addition, careful and methodical plans are needed to create a stronger and longer-term brand.

According to Mr. Khoa, the association is implementing many plans in branding for the coconut industry, as well as promoting the association of growing areas with organic standards. From there, to trace the origin as well as protect the brand name of coconut industry products in domestic and foreign markets.

At the same time, the association also makes efforts to coordinate with related units to support local registration of leading varieties; support enterprises to register for breed ownership in order to increase the reliability and competitiveness of regional products.