5 Reasons Why Happy Noodles should be available in your daily meals

The food industry in Vietnam is developing tremendously, while countless enterprises are importing products from other countries to distribute in Vietnam market, Hung Hau Foods is one of the few companies produces and sells traditional Vietnamese products. Hung Hau Foods’ products are specially developed exclusively for modern family meals, especially dried noodles with the brand name HappyNoodles.

Here are five reasons why HappyNoodles deserves to be presented for your family’s meal:

1. Food for Health
HappyNoodles noodles are made from natural ingredients and various flavors such as: Sea grape, Black Sesame, Lotus Seed, Potato, Soy bean. The product advantages are transparent origins, food safety, non-preservatives, with this, you don’t need to worry when serving them to your family and loved ones. Moreover, nutrition from these products has many beneficial effects on health and beauty.

2. Let everyone cook well and quickly
With the motto ‘For quality of life’, the products of Hung Hau Foods are not only strive to provide the best nutrition for consumers, but also convenient in preservation as well. You just need to cook them in several minutes. Noodles are naturally tasty and can be served for both vegetarian and meat-eaters.


  1. Traditional products, modern flavors

Pho has become famous when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, and Noodles are also familiar dishes of Vietnamese people. With the desire to preserve traditional flavors, experts of HappyNoodles have studied to create the flavor conformable to the taste of the modern Vietnamese families. The product can also be used to prepare a variety of Western dishes.


4. Contribute values to societyTo contribute more to society, HappyNoodles products provided by Hung Hau Foods are packed in modest quantities, which helps to minimize the waste of food. Every year, the company creates jobs for thousands of workers with stable incomes as well as donates products to support people suffering adversities and natural disasters through many activities of Hung Hau Heart Foundation.

5. Wide distribution and reasonable price

The products are being distributed in nearly 500 supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Consumers can also buy online easily through ‘’https://happyfood.vn’’ with reasonable price.