Boost the promotion of Vietnamese agricultural products in the Middle East – North Africa region

(Fatherland) – The Middle East – North Africa region is a rich potential market for Vietnamese agricultural products. However, the work of promoting agricultural products to this market is still facing many difficulties.

The Middle East – North Africa region is a potential market with a population of nearly 500 million people with high demand and spending levels for imported agricultural and aquatic products that Vietnamese businesses have strengths such as: seafood, rice, tea, pepper, anise, cinnamon, cashew, vegetables, fruits and processed foods. With harsh natural conditions that are not suitable for agricultural development to meet domestic demand, this is a market with plenty of room for Vietnamese export enterprises to step up their potential exploitation in the coming time. .

According to statistics in the first 10 months of 2023, Vietnam’s export turnover to the Middle East increased by 4%, and to North Africa increased by 9.4%. Agriculture, forestry and fishery products are still the main export products to this market. Of which, coffee exports to Algeria reached more than 116 million USD, up 67% over the same period; Seafood exports to Saudi Arabia increased by 36.4%; Cashew nuts to UAE increased by 59.9%; Pepper to Egypt increased by 58.7%; Tea to Iraq increased by 48.7%; Rice to Türkiye increased 3 times…

The Middle East – North Africa region is a potential market with imported agricultural and aquatic products in which Vietnamese enterprises have strengths (Illustrating images).

However, the work of promoting agricultural products to the Middle East – North Africa market currently still faces many difficulties. Some possible reasons include: Differences in language, culture, legal systems and business practices; Vietnam’s trade and distribution network in the region is still limited; Logistics and marketing costs remain high; Business cultural practices need to be directly viewed and inspected before trading.

To overcome the above difficulties, Vietnamese Embassies in the Middle East – North Africa region have initially established rooms/display areas to enhance the promotion of Vietnamese agricultural products, display and introduce products. products at supermarkets, helping to successfully connect a number of local partners and local businesses with Vietnamese partners. However, display spaces are still limited, especially in terms of product types, storage, sample transportation, and facilities.

Realizing the importance and necessity of supporting promotion and increasing exports to this market, on December 6, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a seminar “Improving the effectiveness of promoting Vietnamese agricultural products.” in the Middle East – North Africa region”. The discussion was attended by more than 100 delegates from many ministries/sectors, localities, research institutes, cooperative alliances, associations and businesses operating in the field of agricultural product production, processing and export. and international freight transportation…..

At the seminar, delegates exchanged information and proposed directions and measures to gradually and effectively implement them to support localities and businesses in promoting agricultural products in the region. this area, bringing practical benefits to localities, businesses and Vietnamese farmers in the coming time.

Accordingly, the delegates shared the same opinion: first, further promote trade promotion activities, participate in international fairs and exhibitions to promote agricultural products in the region. Trade promotion activities need to be organized with focus and emphasis, better grasping the needs and tastes of the market, exploiting potential well and effectively, in accordance with local and national capabilities. enterprise.

Second, take advantage of available on-site resources and systems such as representative agencies, Vietnamese trade agencies, supermarkets and restaurants in the region to display and introduce products. agricultural, forestry and fishery products in the most intuitive way to consumers; Combining direct promotional activities with online promotional activities, combined with participating in major e-commerce platforms in the world and region.

Third, coordination between state and local management agencies, associations and businesses not only in the field of agricultural, forestry and fishery export but also in related fields such as transportation and logistics to take advantage of Maximize resources, support each other to develop together.

To do these things, localities, agricultural exporters and logistics enterprises need to coordinate more closely and regularly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Vietnamese representative agencies in identifying priority products. promotion, how to organize the display model; Proactively provide samples and information materials to introduce suitable products on a regular and long-term basis./.