Chinese tourist escapes fine after eating durian in Singapore hotel room

Durians are loved by many people in Asia. Photo by Reuters
A Chinese tourist was lucky to escape a S$500 (US$373) fine from a hotel in Singapore after she ate durian in her room.

The woman posted on Chinese social media Xiaohongshu that she was slapped with the fine as regulated, but the hotel later waived the fine since she was a first-time offender.

Many countries in Asia ban durian from public transport, hotels and other enclosed spaces due to the fruit’s strong odor.

After finishing dinner one day while visiting Singapore late last month, the woman found a stall selling musang king durian, touted to be the “best in the world” and mainly grown in Malaysia and Singapore, Asia One reported.

She bought and took some to her hotel room to eat.

The next morning she received a warning letter from the hotel, saying guests will receive a S$500 fine if hotel staff detect the smell of durian in their room.

Primarily grown in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, the durian is distinctive with its large size, strong odor and thorn-covered rind.

Last January Malaysian actress Yumi Wong received an RM1,000 (US$220) fine after she consumed durian in her hotel room in Penang.

Source: VNE, 2023