Dong Thap promotes mango products to the market

On April 28, the People’s Committee of Dong Thap province held a seminar “Improving the value and sustainable development of the mango industry” to promote the potential, advantages and development opportunities in the direction of building a sustainable chain, taking advantage of maximize the value brought from mango.

Mr. Le Quoc Dien, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Thap province said: Dong Thap has identified the mango industry as one of the five selected industries in the agricultural restructuring project. Dong Thap will develop concentrated production areas with linkages between production and consumption, ensuring output so that people can feel secure, boldly produce and attract large enterprises to join the linkage chain. ability to lead, create stable output for products.

Mango is one of five commodities selected in the agricultural restructuring project of Dong Thap province.

Dong Thap has 14,399ha of mango growing area (with an output of nearly 140,000 tons/year), accounting for 33.7% of the province’s total fruit area and ranking second in the Mekong Delta. In which, Cat Hoa Loc mango accounted for 19.0%, Cat Chu mango accounted for 41.3%, Green skin statue mango accounted for 35.7%, other mango accounted for 4.0%. Annual output is estimated at 185,000 tons. Not only growing in area and output, but also the quality of Dong Thap mangoes are also increasingly improved through care and harvesting according to safe and organic production processes.

To meet export requirements, Dong Thap has about 8,228ha of mangoes with registered planting area codes with 296 codes and 9 packers with registered packing facility codes. 33 organizations and individuals have been granted VietGAP certification on mango trees, with an area of 353ha. Dong Thap mangoes have been exported to China, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, EU, Russia and Singapore. In 2022, the export value of the mango industry is estimated at more than VND 2,680 billion.

According to Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Thien, Vice Chairman of Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee, the area of registration of planting area codes is constantly increasing and will be shared with businesses to jointly improve the quality, brand and value of the industry. mango shop. Planting area codes are used in a transparent and responsible manner.

Dong Thap province is creating conditions for cooperatives to carry out the “buy together, sell together” in order to reduce intermediaries, reduce production costs, improve profits and sustainably develop the mango industry. Dong Thap is also calling for investment in infrastructure for production, system development (logistics) and supply chain management so that people can rest assured to output mango and other agricultural products associated with the first market. fruit termites, serving domestic and export markets.

Along with that, it is important to focus on high-tech applied agriculture, food processing industry, agricultural products and foodstuffs, prioritize the development of supply chains, goods consumption, and prioritize the construction of points and connections tourist route.

Mr. Le Thanh Tung, Deputy Director of the Department of Crop Production (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said: The area, productivity, output and economic efficiency of mango trees have been gradually improved. Preliminary processing, processing, variety of products from mango are still modest and the market information system is still limited, there has not been a complete and comprehensive study of the supply and demand of the mango industry, especially in large markets.

It is necessary to review and plan for centralized production, to form chain-based production links; renovate and plant old and inefficient mango production areas with new varieties with high yield and quality and attract enterprises to invest in linkages in production, preliminary processing, processing and export of mangoes; trade promotion, export market expansion.