Durian, purple sweet potato… want to penetrate deep into the 2nd most populous province in China

Vietnam wants Shandong province to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese businesses to promote the export of agricultural and aquatic products with strengths to this market by official channels, especially products such as durian. , purple sweet potatoes, bird’s nest that the Chinese side has officially opened in 2022.

On the afternoon of June 1, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Trade Promotion Department) coordinated with the Trade Promotion Committee of Shandong Province, China to organize a “Conference on Trade Promotion, Investment and Trade Connection between Vietnam and Vietnam”. – China (Shandong)”.

The delegation of the International Trade Promotion Committee and enterprises of Shandong province (China) is coming to Vietnam to explore business cooperation opportunities.

Shandong is a province with an important role of China: GRDP ranks 3rd, population ranks 2nd (101.62 million people in 2022).

In 2022, according to Chinese statistics, the total import and export turnover of Shandong – Vietnam will reach 93.25 billion yuan (~ 13.56 billion USD), accounting for 2.79% of Son Dong’s total import and export turnover. East to the world and accounted for 14.14% of Shandong’s import and export turnover with ASEAN, up 35.1% compared to 2021. In which, Shandong’s imports from Vietnam reached US$ 3.29 billion (accounting for 3.29 billion USD). 1.75% of Shandong’s imports are from the world and 7.22% of imports from ASEAN).

Shandong’s main export products to Vietnam in 2022 all have positive double-digit growth: mechanical machinery and electrical equipment reaching $2.8 billion; base metals 1.38 billion USD; industrial chemicals and related industries reached 1.23 billion USD; textile products reached 1.19 billion USD; plastic and rubber reached 976.36 million USD; stone and glass materials reached 564.13 million USD,…

In the first 3 months of 2023, the import and export value of Shandong – Vietnam reached 2.67 billion USD, up 1.63% over the same period in 2022.

According to Mr. To Ngoc Son, Deputy Director of the Asia-Africa Market Department, in mid-May, he had the opportunity to lead a delegation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a number of Vietnamese enterprises to visit and work in the province. Shandong.

“The working trip to Shandong left me and the delegation very impressed. The delegation witnessed with their own eyes a beautiful, rich and hospitable Shandong province, and was introduced to the country. the province’s outstanding strengths such as population, economy, resources, and culture.However, I am sorry to hear that the trade turnover between Vietnamese localities and Shandong province is still very modest, accounting for less than 6% of the total import-export turnover between China and Vietnam, not commensurate with the potential, the mutual complementarity of the economies and the actual cooperation needs of the two sides’ businesses. Mr. Son said.

Accordingly, Mr. To Ngoc Son expressed his wish that Chinese enterprises in general, and Shandong in particular, support Vietnamese agricultural and seafood enterprises in the field of processing, cold supply chain, to raise prices. added value to products as well as meet the increasing requirements of the Chinese market.

Vietnamese purple sweet potatoes have been officially exported to the Chinese market.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of the Trade Promotion Department Hoang Minh Chien suggested that the Shandong side create favorable conditions for Vietnamese enterprises to promote the export of Vietnam’s strong agricultural and aquatic products to the market. China by official form, especially products such as durian, purple sweet potato, bird’s nest that the Chinese side has officially opened for these products in 2022.

On the Vietnamese side, the Trade Promotion Department is ready to coordinate with the Trade Promotion Committee of Shandong Province and localities of Vietnam to create favorable conditions for businesses in Shandong province to connect, trade and cooperate. long-term cooperation with Vietnamese enterprises in order to promote the complementarity in economic and trade cooperation between the two sides, thereby bringing practical benefits to the people and businesses of each country.

Source: https://vnbusiness.vn/thi-truong/sau-rieng-khoai-lang-tim-muon-tham-nhap-sau-vao-tinh-dong-dan-thu-2-trung-quoc-1092986.html