Fruit and vegetable exporters are excited to receive orders

With the export turnover of vegetables and fruits in the first 7 months of the year reaching US$3.21 billion, surging 68.1% over the same period in 2022, businesses in this industry received signs of prosperity for a bustling year of orders.

Ginger is preliminarily processed and packaged by Gimex Vietnam Company for export to the Middle East.

As noted by Mekong ASEAN at an enterprise with 10 years of experience in exporting vegetables and fruits, 2023 is forecasted to be a successful year for the company despite the difficult market context.

Mr. Le Vuong Quoc, Deputy Director of Gimex Vietnam Company, said that the company is currently preparing for a batch of longans to be exported to the US and Japan in October 2023. The 35-hectare longan farm, cultivated by the company itself, has GlobalGap standards, planting area codes to the US, China, Australia and is ready to complete the code to Japan. Expected harvest output is about 150 tons, the plan is to export 100-120 tons, the rest is for domestic consumption.

The main export items of Gimex Vietnam Company are fruits, vegetables and spices. Every week, the company has shipments of lemons, peppers, spices to the Middle East, frozen vegetable products to Japan.

Commenting on this year’s market, Mr. Le Vuong Quoc excitedly shared, 2023 is the year that Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exporters will record a prosperous season.

A corner of the farm in Can Tho of Gimex Vietnam Company.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the export turnover of the whole fruit and vegetable industry increased by more than 68.1% compared to 2022, of which one of the biggest drivers came from durian.

Analyzing this issue, Mr. Quoc said that last year, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and border issues, Vietnam’s durian exports were low. In 2023, China opened up, creating favorable conditions for durian exports, creating a rebound in both output and value. Other vegetables and fruits also saw slight price growth.

Sharing his perspective on the reasons why Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exporters have a good season this year, Deputy Director of Gimex Vietnam said that the world market’s demand for fruit and vegetable products in 2023 will not be the same. growth is too great.

“However, China, which is the world’s largest supplier of vegetables and fruits, is losing crops and losing output in lines such as ginger, carrots, potatoes, and potatoes, due to the impact of Covid-19. and droughts and natural disasters. The world markets when importing in China have to bear high prices, low output will look to other neighboring supplying countries, of which Vietnam has almost most of the supply that the world needs,” Quoc said. said from the actual situation.

Another reason from the general market context cited by Mr. Quoc is that in 2023, the economies of countries are in the post-Covid-19 recovery period, so consumption will also increase.

The Taiwanese custard apple with the growing area code and GlobalGap certification is about to be exported.

According to the leader of Gimex Vietnam, the promising market is located in Asia and Europe. In particular, Asia is recognized as the most potential market, especially in the Middle East and East Asia including Hong Kong (China), Japan, Korea, and China.

Export is good, farmers get price

From the joy of business orders, Mr. Le Vuong Quoc said that thanks to the order season, the company can help farmers increase the selling price of agricultural products.

“This year, the company purchased agricultural products from farmers at a higher price compared to the previous year thanks to excellent export results in terms of price and output. In the process of linking, the company always focuses on accompanying farmers right from the stage of sowing according to the standards required by the export market. By doing that, the company can ensure that it can buy the maximum amount of crops from farmers, “said Mr. Quoc.

Gimex Vietnam’s main farm, invested since 2015 is located in Can Tho, with 70 hectares, of which, 30 hectares are planted with purple sweet potatoes, the remaining 35 hectares are longan and custard apple. For more than 10 years of exporting vegetables and fruits, the company often associates mainly with farmers in Long An, Central Highlands, Northwest provinces, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh to ensure a diversified product supply.

Mr. Le Quoc Vuong (far right) led a foreign delegation to visit the farm in Can Tho.

Although this year’s market has decreased relative to the previous year, there are many fluctuations, opportunities and difficulties, but the fruit and vegetable industry will continue to have good prospects in the coming time, which can ensure the development of the market. The positive will still happen at the end of 2023 – the beginning of 2024”, said Deputy Director of Gimex Vietnam Company.