Musang King durian sold for almost $40,000 at Malaysian auction

A Musang King durian from the Malaysian town of Raub has set a record by being sold for RM185,000 (US$39,500), marking it one of the most expensive durians in the world.

Durians for sale at a market. Photo illustration by Freepik

The sale occurred during a fundraising event on Sunday in the same town, where the durian’s price rapidly escalated from an initial RM2,000, reported Malaysian news site The Star.

The winning bid was placed by Huang Qi Wen, as announced by Pahang communications and multimedia, youth, sports, and non-governmental organisations committee chairman Fadzli Mohamad Kamal.

Not far behind in the bidding was a Black Thorn durian, which fetched RM15,000, the second-highest bid of the event, according to The Straits Times.

It is reported that the event successfully raised a total of over RM404,400. The amount was donated to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Ruan, a school in Raub, aiming to improve its educational facilities.

Source: Musang King durian sold for almost $40,000 at Malaysian auction – VnExpress International