OCHAO Rice Straws – Hung Hau Foods – Friendly Environmentally

Hung Hau Foods is the first company to produce rice straws in Vietnam.

Proud to be an enterprise that has succeeded in producing edible rice flour straws, replacing plastic straws at a time when environmental protection is a topical issue in Vietnam. Hung Hau Foods’ rice straw factory is located in Sa Dec, Dong Thap province. Eco-friendly OCHAO rice straws are not only popular in the country but also introduced to markets such as Korea, the US, European countries, and signed sales contracts.

Produce rice straws in Hung Hau Foods Factory

The OCHAO rice straw of Hung Hau Foods has the main ingredient of rice flour from Sa Dec flour village. Product color is completely from natural color. Therefore, users can be assured of health problems when using the product.

In addition to white from powder, OCHAO rice straws have additional colors such as:

➢Green tube extracted from amaranth leaves.

➢Purple, black tube is made from the color of beetroot and black sesame.

➢Orange tube is made from the color of carrots.

➢Made from natural materials, the straws are edible.

Diverse sizes serving from coffee, smoothie to milk tea with pipe diameters of 6.5mm, 8mm, 13mm

OCHAO rice straw bags are designed in the form of Zip paper bags, weighing 500g/bag, making it easy for users to use and store.

In addition, to meet export needs, Hung Hau Foods can produce sizes and packages according to customers’ requirements

How to preserve OCHAO rice straws:

➢Powder straws can be stored in a normal environment for about 18 months.

➢Keep its form in normal temperature water and cold water for about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

HungHau OCHAO Product
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