HUNG HAU FOODS promotes export of red dragon fruit to the US market

Up to now, Vietnam has officially been licensed to export 6 types of fresh fruit to the US including: mango, longan, lychee, dragon fruit, rambutan and milkweed. The United States is a potential market for Vietnamese fruit with 332 million customers with high per capita income and the culinary trend is increasingly focusing on vegetable and fruit ingredients. According to the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the distribution system in the US is diversified, multi-channel and modern, opening up many consumption opportunities. The diversity and openness in American culture always makes consumers want to experience new products, opening up opportunities for specialty vegetables from the tropics of Vietnam. On the other hand, the proportion of US fruit and vegetable imports from Vietnam is still low, which is an opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to expand their market share in this market in the near future.

Long ago, Hung Hau Foods has identified that the US is a potential market for Hung Hau to boost exports. As of 2022, Hung Hau Foods has achieved remarkable results in the US market when the export revenue of frozen fruit from this market has increased steadily over the years, revenue in 2021 will reach nearly 1.3 million USD, up 126% over compared to the same period in 2020, accounting for a large part of total revenue of Hung Hau Foods.

Not stopping there, after identifying the key product pushing into this market is the red dragon fruit. Hung Hau Foods has had business strategies to promote this product to the US through extensive image promotion at fairs and e-commerce channels. Hung Hau is aggressively preparing stockpiles for the peak season, constantly improving quality to suit this market.

Producing frozen red dragon fruit in Hung Hau