As a large fruit growing area of the province, Yen Chau district has over 11,600 hectares of fruit trees of all kinds, of which more than 9,000 hectares of mangoes, plums, and longans are preparing for harvest. Ensuring consumption conditions, the district actively implements connection and market search plans; Promote trade promotion and product promotion activities.

Continue to affirm product quality

Chieng Hac is a commune with a large mango area, over 600 hectares, annual output reaches 4,000 tons, of which more than 50 hectares are granted export growing area codes. In recent years, people in the commune have expanded the area, promoted production according to clean and safe processes, introduced new varieties with different harvest times, to meet market demand. The commune has 3 cooperatives affiliated with businesses purchasing mangoes for export. Typically, Quyet Thang Huoi Nga Agricultural Cooperative has 9 hectares of mangoes certified with VietGAP; Linking production and purchasing products for farmers with an area of ​​nearly 80 hectares of mangoes, exporting to China, Australia, New Zealand, the United States…

Farmers in Phieng Khoai commune, Yen Chau district take care of plums.

Mr. Lo Van Kim, Director of Quyet Thang Huoi Nga Agricultural Cooperative, shared: In 2023, the cooperative will export nearly 600 tons of mangoes, of which nearly 300 tons will be exported to China. Ensuring strict standards for domestic consumption and export, the cooperative applies science and technology, strictly follows production processes, records care logs, fruit packaging… At the same time, coordinates with the district’s functional branches to proactively connect, contact early, and promote consumption in markets. Currently, a number of partners have coordinated with the district to learn about and place orders to purchase mango products from the cooperative exported to Korea and China with an output of over 400 tons. It is expected that this mango season, the cooperative will export over 500 tons of fruit.

In Phieng Khoai commune, in recent years, plum growing households have turned to fertilizing fruit trees with organic fertilizers, biological products, and pest control, resulting in good quality fruit and stable output. determined, favored by consumers. At Tay Bac Organic Agriculture Cooperative, Phieng Khoai commune has a production scale of over 200 hectares of fruit trees, mainly longan, plum and strawberry. In 2023, the cooperative will harvest over 1,200 tons of plums and over 300 tons of longans; Plums alone are offered to the British market.

Mr. Bui Tuan Anh, Director of the Cooperative shared: Over the past 2 years, the Cooperative has tested organic production on strawberry, plum, and longan trees; Use organic fertilizers, biological pesticides, humidification systems, and build anti-hail net houses to protect fruit tree areas. With the district’s support in production, consumption connection, branding, and product introduction through electronic trading floors and social networking sites, the cooperative’s fruit products are now available in the market. domestically and linking a number of export businesses to China, the Netherlands, Germany… On average, each member earns 200-350 million VND/year.

To date, the entire Yen Chau district has 1,000 hectares of fruit trees produced according to VietGAP and organic standards and has 67 assigned planting area codes, with an area of 1,140 hectares. The district has built and completed a dossier submitted to the Provincial People’s Committee to recognize 3 high-tech agricultural areas, including: Plum area in Phieng Khoai commune; Longan area, Long Phieng commune; mango area, Chieng Hac commune.

Export experience

In 2023, Yen Chau district will consume and export 93,480 tons of all kinds of fruit, with a total value of over 880 billion VND. The quality of fruit trees, especially mango, plum, longan, and banana products of Yen Chau district has been confirmed, creating prestige with consumers; The consumption market has expanded in many provinces and cities nationwide and for export. To achieve this positive result, in recent times, the district’s functional branches have directed cooperatives and farmer households to maintain stable production, ensuring market reliability, especially foreign markets. The country has exported agricultural products from the district in previous years; proactively capture market and price information to serve leadership and direction to promote consumption and export; Update information and regulations of the State, ministries, central branches and importing countries to orient the production of goods to meet market needs.

Along with that, the district coordinates with relevant agencies and commune People’s Committees to strengthen inspection and supervision of the quality of products that have been and are being branded, well manage the geographical indications that have been granted and trademark protection such as “Yen Chau Round Mango”, “Yen Chau Banana”; coordinate to maintain the annual Yen Chau Mango Festival, Departure Ceremony to bring plum and longan products to Noi Bai International Airport. Focus on building the model of “each commune, town, and each type of agricultural product has an enterprise and cooperative that plays the role of a professional collection unit” (with sufficient financial, vehicle, and administrative capacity). business, market information, having consumption and export partners) implementing the district’s export plan.

In addition, the district also directed the Agricultural Service Center to strengthen management and direct the implementation of safe production processes such as VietGAP and GlobalGAP; improve product quality towards organic agricultural production; Continue to evaluate and implement the policy of ordering research on topics and projects on fruit tree development in the district.

Synchronize solutions

It is expected that in 2024, Yen Chau district’s fruit output will reach 74,000 tons; strive to domestically consume and process about 68,950 tons of fruit; Fresh fruit exports reached 5,050 tons, of which 2,200 tons of mango, 350 tons of longan, 2,000 tons of bananas to countries: China, Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Mongolia, England…

Mr. Lu Van Cuong, Chairman of Yen Chau District People’s Committee, said: The district directs functional departments to strengthen supervision of the standard care process for fruit tree areas; Promote the development of planting area codes for key agricultural products, mangoes, plums, longans, and bananas. Ensuring the consumption of all fruit output for the people, right from the beginning of the year, the district assigned specialized agencies and commune People’s Committees to work with cooperatives and focal collection businesses to continue to maintain customers. traditional products as well as introducing and promoting Yen Chau’s agricultural products to customers across the country.

In addition, the district also coordinates with the Department of Industry and Trade to organize online sales training classes on digital platforms and electronic supermarket systems; Actively support cooperatives and production households to participate in fairs and weekly displays and introduce safe agricultural products inside and outside the province; Find customers, connect, invite businesses to sign consumption contracts; Encourage cooperatives to invest in storage warehouses, cold storage, and processing facilities to reduce pressure on the consumption of fresh fruit products; Construction, design, product packaging, increasing attractiveness and competitiveness in domestic and export markets…

Yen Chau directs the specialized department to coordinate with cooperatives to connect fruit consumption with supermarket systems Vinmart, Southern BigC, T-mart… Up to now, it has linked with Phusan Hai Import-Export Company Duong offers plum products in EU markets; continue to invite Mia Fruit Co., Ltd. to conduct a livestream program about Yen Chau plum products on social networks; Organizing consumption at wholesale markets in the provinces of Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Long An…; Contact shipping units ready to transport agricultural products to provinces and cities nationwide.

With the participation of the Party Committee, the government, and the initiative of cooperatives and farmers, we believe that the consumption and export activities of Yen Chau district set for 2024 will reach the plan; bringing the Yen Chau fruit brand further and further.