Vietnamese agricultural products “conquer” the world

ANTD.VN – Green-skinned pomelos are officially exported to the world’s largest US economy for the first time, sweet potatoes and bird’s nests are officially imported into China – the world’s second largest economy… Good news for Vietnamese agricultural products right after setting a record for exporting the most in a year even though it has just entered the last month of 2022.

Vietnamese agricultural products continuously “conquer” large and difficult markets

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with Ben Tre province at the end of November held a ceremony to announce the export of the first batch of pomelos from Vietnam to the US. This first shipment of 2 tons of fresh pomelos exported to the US demonstrates the prestige, quality and professionalism of Vietnamese producers, exporters and regulatory agencies in meeting safety requirements. Food safety and plant quarantine of the United States.

Thus, after dragon fruit, mango, longan, lychee, rambutan and breast milk, Ben Tre’s green-skinned pomelo is the first pomelo brand selected by distributors to bring to the US market via air. At first, the fresh grapefruits will be distributed in the supermarket system of Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and a part of Philadelphia, New Jersey.

The first shipment of 2 tons of pomelos from Vietnam to the US

The US – the world’s largest economy – is a large potential market for Vietnam’s fresh fruit exports. Each year, the demand for fruits in the US is up to 12 million tons. The country’s domestic fresh fruit production can only meet 70% of the demand, the remaining 30% (equivalent to about 3.6 million tons) must be imported.

Meanwhile, Vietnam currently has 105,000 hectares of pomelo growing, with an output of nearly 905,000 tons, with diverse pomelo varieties, specific to each region. The Mekong Delta alone has about 32,000 hectares with an output of about 369,000 tons per year. This is a huge space and opportunity for Vietnamese fruits in general and fresh grapefruit in particular to approach the US market.

However, to enter the US market is not simple with Vietnamese fruits and pomelo in particular. It took more than 5 years of negotiation, on October 17, 2022, the Plant Protection Department and the US Animal and Plant Health Quarantine (APHIS) signed the program to export pomelo from Vietnam to the US, marking the fruit Vietnam’s 7th tree is allowed to be exported to this world’s most “fastidious” market. According to US regulations, the growing areas and processing facilities of fresh Vietnamese pomelos exported to the US must be registered with APHIS and must be periodically inspected and monitored during the pomelo crop. Grapefruit growing areas and packing establishments must have appropriate management measures to eliminate pests that are of concern to the US side such as fruit flies (Bactrocera dorsalis, Zeugodacus cucurbitae), fruit borers (Prays endocarpa) and fungi (Cylindrocarpon lichenicola, Phyllosticta citriasiana)… Besides, shipments of fresh pomelos exported to the US must be irradiated with a minimum dose of 150 Gy, accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate.

Previously, the good news for Vietnamese agricultural products is that two more Vietnamese products, sweet potatoes and bird’s nest, have also been signed by China to the official export protocol to this market of more than 1.4 billion people. The demand for importing bird’s nest from the Chinese market is very large, while the export potential of Vietnam’s bird’s nest is very abundant, the quality of Vietnam’s bird’s nest has been confirmed.

The bird’s nest industry in our country is having many development opportunities and potential to bring high economic value, with an output of about 120 tons per year, equivalent to 450 million USD. Currently, the output of Vietnam’s oats that can be exported can only meet one third of the needs of its partners in China, so when the Protocol to officially export bird’s nests to China is signed, opportunities for the industry These millions of dollars are expanding.

Export: Record after record

The fact that pomelo to the US, bird’s nest and dragon fruit officially exported to China are good news that contribute to the great joy of Vietnam’s agricultural exports surpassing the record even though 2022 is not over yet. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said. In the first 11 months of 2022, our country’s agricultural exports reached 49 billion USD, surpassing the record number of the whole year of 2021.

Accordingly, in November 2022, the export turnover of Vietnam’s agricultural, forestry and fishery products was estimated at over $4.27 billion, down nearly 5% over the same period last year. Although November exports slightly decreased, the total export turnover of agricultural products in the first 11 months of 2022 reached 49 billion USD, surpassing the record figure of the whole year of 2021 of 48.6 billion USD.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the above impressive figure has a significant contribution to the seafood industry, when for the first time, our country’s seafood export reached 10.14 billion USD, up 27% with with the previous year. In the past 11 months, 8 products/groups of products with export turnover of over 2 billion USD and higher export value than the same period last year, such as: coffee reached 3.5 billion USD (up 31.5%). , rubber reached 2.9 billion USD (up 3.2%), rice reached 3.2 billion USD (up 6.9%), pangasius reached 2.2 billion USD (up 61%), shrimp reached 4. 1 billion USD (up 14.6%), wood and wood products reached 14.6 billion USD (up 9%)…

Regarding the export market of Vietnamese agricultural products, Asia still ranks first with 44.7% market share, followed by the Americas 27.4%, Europe 11.3%, Oceania 1.7% and Africa 1.7%. The US continues to be the largest export market of Vietnamese agricultural products with US$12.3 billion, accounting for 25% of the market share. China ranked second with about 9.3 billion USD, accounting for 18.9% market share; the third is Japan with a value of 3.9 billion USD, accounting for 7.9% market share…

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam’s agricultural exports in the coming time will face many difficulties as China implements the anti-epidemic policy “Zero Covid”. Along with that, China’s renminbi as well as Thailand’s baht depreciated more than Vietnam dong and US dollar, so China is tending to import more Thai products… However, , with the high efforts of all levels, sectors, localities, businesses and farmers, the export of agricultural products still surpassed, reaping a “good harvest”. In 2022, the Government assigned the target of exporting agricultural products to reach 50 billion USD, while, according to calculations, if the export momentum can be maintained in the last month of this year, the ability to export agro-forestry-fishery products for the whole year will be achieved. 2022 is estimated at 53 billion USD.

Agricultural products have actively contributed to the overall achievement of Vietnam’s export turnover in 2022. The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that in the 11 months of 2022, the total import and export turnover of our country’s goods is estimated at 673.82 billion USD. , up 11.8% year-on-year, surpassing the 2021 result of $668.5 billion. In which, export is estimated at 342.21 billion USD, up 13.4%; imports were estimated at $331.61 billion, up 10.1%.

In the first 11 months of 2022, export turnover of goods was estimated at 342.21 billion USD, up 13.4% over the same period last year. There are 35 items with export turnover of over 1 billion USD, accounting for 93.7% of total export turnover (there are 8 export items of over 10 billion USD, accounting for 70.1%).