Launching the latest quartet of products from Happy Food & Seajo Cake

Constantly innovating and creating to bring customers delicious, nutritious, quality standard products that are still attractive, HungHau launches a “quad” of new and attractive products aimed at nutritious meals. for Vietnamese families.

New products from Happy Food and Seajo Cake brands such as smoked sausages, spring rolls, shrimps with cereal grains and fruit cakes are being loved and researched by the market and housewives.

Happy Food smoked sausage is delicious, full of nutrients, quick and convenient to process. This is also a familiar ingredient to help meals become more diverse and flexible, can be combined with other ingredients to produce dishes such as fried rice, salad, hotdog bread, sausage pizza, etc. ensure adequate nutrition every day. Products are carefully selected from the input ingredients from meat to clean spices, ensuring hygiene and safety for health.

Smoked sausage and sausage Happy Foods

Sausage is a familiar dish of Vietnamese people. Not only familiar with Vietnamese taste, but Happy Food sausage is rich in nutrition, made from a new source of hot meat ingredients, does not contain preservatives, is safe for health and especially, the product is packaged separately. Retail, convenient, easy to store. Products are ready-made, easy to use or eat and prepare with other dishes. Let’s experience this strange but familiar sausage right away!

Towards the development of novel products, Happy Food cereal-coated shrimp with delicious taste will bring to the taste buds impressive experiences. The crispy, greasy cereal crust mixed with sweet and chewy shrimp is the irresistible attraction of this dish that will surely bring more variety to everyone’s menu. This cereal fried shrimp dish is very easy to eat, suitable for the taste of many people, especially children.

Happy Foods Grain Prawns

For the perfect meal, prepare dessert with Seajo Cake. This is the latest brand of HungHau, targeting cakes as well as foods for young people. After frying, the crust is crispy, fragrant, with the sweet and sour taste of dragon fruit, apple and taro. Crispy hot fruit cake with a favorite ice cream is considered the perfect combination for dessert.

Fruit cake from new brand – Seajo Cake

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