Vietnamese food market attracts Polish businesses

Poland is a major trading partner

Among the European Union (EU) countries, Poland is one of the earliest partners to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam and one of the countries with the strongest development in the field of business. trade with Vietnam. Poland is currently Vietnam’s number one trading partner in Eastern Europe and Vietnam is Poland’s seventh largest trading partner outside the EU.

Introducing the promotion program “Europe is full of traditional flavors, quality”

Poland is one of the countries with the highest economic growth in the EU and Poland is also the gateway to Western and Eastern European countries. Therefore, when businesses bring goods to the Polish market, they will have access to the EU market of 500 million people.

Assessing at the presentation about the promotion program “Europe is full of tradition and quality” and activities of the Polish business delegation in Vietnam on the afternoon of December 7, Mr. Piotr Harasimowicz – Representative Representative Office of Polish Trade and Investment Bureau in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City (PAIH) said that Vietnam is not only located in the vibrant market area of Asia but also a country with good infrastructure for commercial development. Currently, Vietnam is an important consumer of Polish agricultural products and food.

Worth mentioning, among EU members, Poland is one of the countries with the strongest development in the field of commercial business with Vietnam. Two-way import and export turnover in the context of being affected by Covid-19 in the two years 2020-2021 still has impressive growth. Particularly in 2021, two-way trade turnover between Vietnam and Poland reached nearly $2.6 billion, up 22% over the same period in 2020.

According to statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in the first 10 months of 2022, the total import-export turnover of the two countries reached more than 2 billion USD, of which Vietnam exported more than 1.8 billion USD and imported more than 252 USD. ,9 million USD. Currently, Poland is in need of importing rice, agricultural products, cooking oil, organic food, and healthy products from Vietnam.

Alexander Nowakowski – 3rd Secretary of Economic Affairs – Polish Embassy in Vietnam said that currently, the Polish business community is promoting trade promotion and investment cooperation with Vietnamese businesses. in the field of import and export of agricultural products and food processing to enjoy favorable trade policies from the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) in particular and a series of other FTAs that Vietnam is implementing. . With 71% of tariffs removed by the EU immediately on Vietnamese exports and the rest removed within 7 years, it will create favorable conditions for Vietnamese goods to conquer the Polish market. in particular and the EU in general in the near future.

Vietnamese food market attracts Polish businesses

Mr. Alexander Nowakowski added that Polish food products of the highest quality are beef, goose meat, milk, cream of all kinds, fruits… these items will be available in the Vietnamese market more when Polish businesses focused on strong distribution promotion. Moreover, the Vietnamese food market also has a strong attraction for Polish businesses when the economy is growing steadily, consumer demand and spending levels for high-quality products are increasing. Vietnamese consumers also tend to pay more attention to clean food, and meat and food products from Poland completely meet this demand of the Vietnamese market.

“Besides, the Ministry of Agriculture of the two countries also met and discussed to reach an agreement to boost the consumption of agricultural products and food from both sides. Vietnamese exporters can export their products. entering the Polish market such as rice, coffee cereals, pepper, seafood, tropical fruits … according to EU standards more “- Mr. Alexander Nowakowski emphasized.

In order to strengthen the presence and increase market share, especially Polish food products in the Vietnamese market, Polish food suppliers such as meat, milk, and fruit will connect potential customers, meet local suppliers. manufacturers, partners, supermarkets in Vietnam. Besides, information programs on social networks have also been promoted to introduce Polish products as well as quality certificates of Poland and the European Union to Vietnamese consumers.