Vietnamese fruits are increasingly entering the European market

Currently, the amount of Vietnamese fruit exported to the European market is increasing sharply in both quantity and type.

Europe is one of the most demanding markets with many strict criteria for imported goods. That’s why all fruits licensed for import are of high quality.

Recently, Vietnamese fruits are quite popular in the European market. The amount of Vietnamese fruit exports to Europe increased sharply, with diverse types.

Vietnamese fruit exports to the European market are increasing sharply in both quantity and type.

Passion fruit, dragon fruit, coconut, pineapple and soursop from Vietnam are popular fruits in the European market. In terms of product form, sliced fruits and concentrated juices are of interest to European customers.

Going around the Vietnamese booths at the Anuga International Fair, this year’s impression is of fruits. Vietnamese fruits stand out, alongside traditional products from many years ago, such as cashew nuts, pepper, vermicelli noodles and rice paper. We don’t see as much coffee as usual, instead there are vegetables and dozens of tropical fruits from Vietnam.

Vietnamese fruits to Europe have passed the stage of only being dried, easy to transport, easy to preserve, and have a long shelf life. Now, all kinds, in the higher segments. Whole or cut frozen fruits or juices can be packed in large capacity coolers or concentrated, with the consistency of honey, suitable for Europeans who eat a lot of sweets but try to avoid sugar.

And the most difficult segment is whole fresh fruit, which is difficult to transport long distances. Vietnamese businesses are exploring European customers’ reactions to some whole fresh fruits with naturally thick skins.

European consumption habits, towards fruits that are less industrially processed and have natural sweetness, eating more fruits in different forms in different dishes, are creating favorable conditions for flower production. Tropical fruits, including fruits from Vietnam.

Expanding the Vietnamese fruit export market to Europe brings a very good future development for this product. Currently, Vietnamese businesses and authorities are searching and expanding markets as well as bringing more fruit products into this market.