Vietnamese lychee ‘covers’ the big commercial center of Thailand

On July 9, Information from the Department of Industry and Trade of Bac Giang province said that two days ago, for the first time, a Vietnamese enterprise, VIFOCO Import-Export Joint Stock Company, officially exported Bac Giang lychee batches. to the Thai market.

In particular, this export batch of Bac Giang lychee is sold at Gourmet Market supermarkets located in seven major commercial centers of The Mall Group. These are the leading supermarkets specializing in selling food, food and household goods in Thailand.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of VIFOCO said, with the support of the Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand, the company has approached a number of Thai retailers to discuss exporting. to this market.

Bac Giang lychee “covered” at the largest commercial center in Bangkok. PHOTO: Bac Giang Department of Industry and Trade.

After many efforts, the two sides have completed the necessary procedures to bring the first shipment to Thai consumers.

“We are pleased to be one of the pioneers in bringing fresh lychees to the Thai market. More specifically, Bac Giang’s lychee is present on the shelves of the shopping center chain of The Mall Group, one of the largest retailers in Thailand today,” said Mr. Viet.

According to Mr. Viet, in addition to fresh litchi, the Thai market is very interested in products made from litchi. It is hoped that Vietnamese enterprises will make efforts to produce many products from lychee fruit to export to the Thai market.

Next year the company is expected to export 1,000-2,000 tons of fresh lychee to the Thai market.

Mr. Somkiat Wongsakulchai, Managing Director of Ekthai Company, a distributor in Thailand, said that Vietnamese lychees have beautiful colors, small seeds, succulent pulp, very fragrant and sweet. Vietnamese lychees taste better than Thai and Chinese lychees.

“This is the first time we sell Vietnamese lychees at The Mall Group’s seven stores in Bangkok and will expand to all branches next year. I think Thai consumers will be very interested in Vietnamese fabrics,” said Mr. Somkiat Wongsakulchai.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huy, representative of the Vietnam Trade Office, although Thailand is considered the fruit capital of the region, there is still a lot of potential and room for exploitation.

The efforts of enterprises and the support of state agencies play an important role in helping Vietnam’s lychee reach far. PHOTO: Bac Giang Department of Industry and Trade.

The contribution of businesses and the support of state agencies play a very important role in the orientation as well as helping Vietnamese lychees reach the Thai market.

According to Mr. Huy, in addition to factors of product quality, businesses also need to pay attention to seasonal factors. For example, in July when the domestic production of lychee and China’s lychee imports decreased, this is a great opportunity to bring Vietnamese lychees to the Thai market.

At the same time, this is the key to helping Vietnamese enterprises bring many other agricultural products to the Thai market.

According to Mr. Huy, Thailand is currently only licensed to import four types of fruit from Vietnam. However, the market margin of these four fruits is not limited to fresh products but also processed products.

Vietnam’s food industry is growing day by day. This will be the driving force for Vietnamese processed products to appear more in the Thai market in particular as well as in the world.