Excited To Welcome the New Year of the Dragon 2024 at Hung Hau “Celebration of Spring- Tet Reunion Day”

It’s time to put aside the old year and welcome a new year together with the hope of better things in the new year 2024. At Hung Hau, people are excited about a series of Tet lucky money activities to get fortune at the beginning of the year and together exchanging Tet and New Year wishes as a lucky gift in the beginning of spring.

In the warm and auspicious atmosphere of celebrating the traditional Tet, Hung Hau, on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, would like to wish you all, good health, happiness, peace, determination and confidence to conquer and successfully complete the plans and goals set for an even more breakthrough year. This is also the time for us to walk together on a new journey of prosperity and development.

The new year opens up to so many dreams, aspirations, and ambitions to build new, endless sources of energy together, trying to overcome challenges, arousing creativity, leading to a new future of your own and bringing innovation and advancement for great success at work.

At Hung Hau, as the new year comes fresh energy, new mindset, more determination, enriching experiences, heaps of confidence for a better future!


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