If you don’t have a lot of watermelon in your place and you really want to enjoy its cool taste then you can try with frozen watermelon from HungHau Foods Co., LTD.

Product of Hung Hau Foods: Frozen Watermelon dice

Frozen watermelon is perfect for making smoothies and sorbet.
I do not recommend thawing frozen watermelon, because the texture will change significantly. Fruits and vegetables that are high in water content (like watermelon, which is about 92% water) will tend to be mushy after you freeze them.
You won’t want to serve thawed watermelon in a salad or fruit bowl, but I’ve included several other ideas for using it below!
Followings are 5 ways to eat frozen watermelon:

1. Make a watermelon smoothie
2. Serve frozen watermelon cubes on a stick for a mini “ice pop”
3. Make an easy watermelon sorbet
4. Blend it with other fruit and make watermelon popsicles
5. Use the frozen watermelon as summery “ice cubes” in a glass of water.


*1. Watermelon Smoothies
*2: Watermelon Stick for a mini Ice-pop
*3: Watermelon Sorbet
*4: Watermelon popsicles
*5: Watermelon ice-cubes