Fruits of South Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical country with long latitude, sun, heavy rain, diverse ecology and clear zoning. The most prominent advantage is rich tropical fruits such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, mango, jackfruit, guava, dragon fruit, … Not anywhere in the world can export these fruits.


The West has many varieties of mango but the most famous are the Hoa Loc mango and the Cat Chu mango, recently the Taiwanese green mango and the acacia mango.

Previously, mangoes gave fruit in April and May, today, mangoes can make fruit year round very easily. Cat Chu mango, Taiwanese green mango, and acacia mango varieties are currently exported from Vietnam to China, the US and Australia.

Hoa Loc Mango is the first mango in the West, famous for its deliciousness and sweetness before the liberation day. This mango variety won the first prize in the Mango Tree Contest held by Long Dinh Fruit Tree Center in April 1996, and is popularly grown in Hoa Loc commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang. We think this variety will continue to hold the title of top mango in Vietnam for the next 20 years as no mango variety can take the throne.

In the international workshop to determine which fruits are super fruits – superfruit in the world, organized by TFNet and Southern Fruit Institute in 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, all the international scientists attending all said in unison that Hoa Loc mango is a premium quality fruit – after being tasted. Therefore, its selling price is always double, three times that of Cat Chu mango.

Meanwhile, Cat Chu mangoes, due to their affordable prices, are currently exported to Japan, the US and Australia. The yield of Cat Chu mango is also higher than that of Hoa Loc sandy mango because it is easier to set fruit and is grown in Cao Lanh, Dong Thap.

Recently, there are 2 new varieties of mango imported, but many new people have grown a lot because of their high yield ability. Particularly, Taiwan green mango varieties are grown in the North, particularly in Son La.

Acacia mango is native to Cambodia, recently grown a lot by gardeners in the Mekong Delta due to its easy-to-grow, high-yield characteristics, quite tasty green food and beautiful shape, similar to Hoa Loc mango.


Popular West has label Edor, Quế longan. Previously, longan in the South produced fruit in June and July. Today, growers can produce all year round, especially with Edor variety.

Edor longan originated from Thailand is grown in Chau Thanh district, Dong Thap, can yield year-round fruit, high yield, crispy, thick and delicious rice. This variety has good prospects because of its better resistance to dragon broom disease than Hue black pepper and cow leather pepper. This is a variety of long-term and long-term export of the South to China and America.

Golden canoe is sourced from natural selection in the country, won the first prize in the Good Breeding Contest in 1997. This longan is widely grown in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, this variety is very delicious, big fruit, thick rice. , but only suitable on sandy soils of the East.

When brought home to plant on the western clay, it is not suitable, with low yield, although it is best tolerated by dragon broom disease. For sandy soil in the East, this variety should be developed to have delicious fruit for domestic consumption and export.


Durian is grown in the Mekong Delta, Southeast and Central Highlands. Previously, Western durian ripened in May and June, in the East ripened later in 5-7 months and in the Central Highlands later, from 8-10. Today, thanks to the technique of processing flowers to spread crops, Western durian gives fruits all year round, bringing very high profits for gardeners that no other fruit can surpass, the revenue can reach billions VND per hectare.

Currently, the gardeners in Cho Lach have imported the best durian varieties from Malaysia such as Musang King and Black Gai. We believe that in the next 4 or 5 years Musang King fruit will dominate the domestic market and be exported to China as growers are planting a lot. Currently, there are 4 varieties of durian growing in popularity in the South.


Rambutan is widely grown in the Mekong Delta and Southeast, there are 3 popular varieties are the sugar rambutan, also known as the sugar rambutan, the Java rambutan and the Rong-own rambutan.

Currently, all rambutan varieties can bear fruit all year round, so Vietnam can compete with Thai rambutan exports to the US and China.


It is local origin, commonly grown in the Mekong Delta and the Southeast has a sweet characteristic so it is also known as a sugar rambutan, the recognizable characteristic of having a short beard.


Imported from Thailand, now popularly grown in the Mekong Delta and the Southeast is characterized by a very long beard, so it is less likely to be attacked than by fruit borer than rambutan. This rambutan is very sweet, the meat is crispy, so the price is a bit higher than the sugar rambutan.


Now heavily degraded, the pulp does not completely peel off the seeds. In addition, the fruit quality is not uniform so the area is less and less and replaced by rambutan Rong – own. The Java rambutan is half the price cheaper than the other two varieties.


This tree is commonly grown in Cho Lach (Ben Tre), Cau Ke (Tra Vinh), Hoc Mon (Ho Chi Minh City), Long Khanh (Dong Nai) and in Thu Dau Mot (Binh Duong).

This is an important fruit exported from Thailand, but in Vietnam, there is not much left due to the long-harvest phenomenon, the phenomenon of years is lost, so gardeners replace them with other trees.

Mangosteen is a specialty among tropical fruits, delicious and promising for export, but there is not much area in the West. In the future, it may be interested in promoting planting for export.