Impressions of agricultural exports in 2022

Despite a slight decrease in exports in November, the total export turnover of agricultural products in 11 months of 2022 has reached 49 billion USD, surpassing the record number of the whole year 2021 ($ 48.6 billion). This is a good sign for the economy.

Vietnam’s seafood exports in 2022 have achieved many miracles.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), that impressive figure has a significant contribution to the fisheries sector, when for the first time, our country’s seafood exports reached 10.14 billion USD (an increase of 27 USD). %). Along with seafood, the fruit and vegetable industry also achieved impressive export figures. According to the Import and Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the export value of Vietnam’s vegetables and fruits in November 2022 reached US$306 million, up 17.5% compared to November 2021. Fruit and vegetable exports in December 2022 are expected to increase thanks to increased demand during the Lunar New Year and the increasing number of vehicles carrying out customs clearance procedures for export to China.

Mr. Hoang Trung – Director of Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that in 2022 many agricultural products have registered in the big market. In which durian, sweet potato, bird’s nest… enter China; pomelo to America; label to Japan; lemon, grapefruit to New Zealand…

Despite achieving positive results in 2022, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam’s agricultural exports in the coming time still have many challenges, because China has not completely abandoned the “Zero Covid” policy; New-generation free trade agreements (FTAs) have been implemented, but Vietnam still faces legal barriers to protect domestic goods in many markets.

To promote agricultural exports in 2023, Nguyen Quang Hieu – Head of the Department of International Cooperation and Communication (Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that the Chinese market is very important for the export industry. Vietnamese fruit. However, this year, the US has climbed to the first place, so in 2023, it is expected to bring passion fruit and pineapple into this market, which also gives people the opportunity to increase the economic value of the product. Besides, it will continue to negotiate and promote to bring pomelos to the Chinese market. Therefore, businesses need to actively build material areas and brands for their products. In addition, the timely entry of trade promotion is also a factor to “break the market better” for Vietnamese agricultural products to penetrate large markets.

From the perspective of enterprises, Mr. Nguyen Minh Nhut – Director of Hoang Minh Nhut Joint Stock Company said that in the production of rice and other agricultural products, there is a seasonal nature. At the time of harvest, purchasing pressure is great, so credit for rice production must be flexible and stable for a long time, rather than waiting for pressure to launch new credit packages to collect, purchase and temporarily store products. That is only a solution to the top, not sustainable.

Market orientation in 2023, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan said that market risks will be minimized when production meets market standards well. How do associations, businesses, and manufacturers ensure that their products retain their credibility in the market? The opportunity is there, the problem is the mood to export goods that the market has great demand.