Ice cream has long become a favorite snack of young people on hot days. Ice cream with great flavor from fruit, cool will help you cool down extremely quickly. With fruit ice creams such as durian, kiwi, mango, cantaloupe that HungHau Foods family wishes to bring you great experiences.


Durian is widely grown in Asian countries, in Southeast Asia it is considered the “king of fruits”. The fruit of this unique appearance is large and its rind is covered with spike-like protrusions, giving it the appearance of a sea creature’s spines. However, the flesh has a sweet flavor and thick texture, making it perfect for ice cream. With 100% fresh durian ingredients combined with regulated frozen IQF, our durian ice cream that I bring you the freshest taste.


Mangoes are loved all over the world for their sweet and aromatic taste. This dish will show you how to combine the aromatic flavor with the refreshing coolness of ice cream. Mangoes provide a premium pectin, a little-known soluble fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol levels. It also helps prevent prostate cancer. Mangoes provide digestive enzymes that promote autoregulation and regulation. In addition to improving the functioning of the digestive system, regular intake can help increase appetite and help with weight gain.


Kiwi is packed with Vitamin C, fiber and provides many health benefits. This fruit may be supportive for cardiovascular power, digestive health and immunity. Kiwi is a select the left tree good and rich vitamin and quality antioxidant. The sour taste, pleasant combination, and low calorie count make it a delicious and healthy choice. Our kiwi ice cream, I’m made with 100% natural ingredients, free of refined sugar and logs.


Melon is a refreshing and healthy fruit. It contains water and a host of chemicals, vitamins and antioxidants that can be beneficial as part of a varied diet. Our cantaloupe ice cream, I’m free of refined sugar and made with 100% natural ingredients, completely gluten-free. Naturally sweet!


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