Beauty effects from red flesh dragon fruit

Red dragon fruit is not only good for health but also contains many beneficial nutrients in beauty. Check out the beauty benefits of red dragon fruit in the article below.

Help lose weight

If you want to snack but are afraid of gaining weight, you can try eating red flesh dragon fruit. Because this fruit contains a lot of fiber, it will create a feeling of fullness and satisfy hunger. At the same time, it helps you not to starve too soon and reduce fat cells in the body.

Frozen red dragon fruit of HungHau Foods

Strengthens hair

Red flesh dragon fruit juice has the effect of enhancing the beauty of the hair. You just need to squeeze a little juice from this fruit or puree to make a hair mask, then apply to the scalp and hair shaft. This method will enhance the color of the hair and make the hair soft and shiny thanks to the high content of antioxidants and many nutrients in the red flesh dragon fruit.

Protect from acne

Acne mainly appears on the face and is caused by infection with the bacteria P.acnes. Fortunately, red flesh dragon fruit contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that can fight bacterial infections and clear clogged pores on the skin. So, make a mask from red flesh dragon fruit to prevent and treat acne.

Maintain healthy skin

Drinking red flesh dragon fruit juice daily not only supports a healthy body but also helps to whiten and firm skin. The high antioxidant content in this fruit works to block the effects of free radicals on the skin, which can cause wrinkles. In addition, vitamin C in red flesh dragon fruit will lighten the skin and remove dullness.

Sunburn treatment

Red flesh dragon fruit contains vitamin B3 which can help moisturize the skin and reduce skin burning caused by sunburn. If you are suffering from sunburn and feel a burning pain, simply mix red dragon fruit juice with some cucumber or aloe, then apply this mixture on your skin to soothe the pain.

Make wounds heal faster

Red flesh dragon fruit is very beneficial in healing wounds quickly. In case you cut your hand or have an injury, apply some red flesh dragon fruit juice on your skin to speed up the recovery process. At the same time, drinking red flesh dragon fruit juice can also help heal wounds faster from the inside.

To preserve dragon fruit for longer, convenient and use more time. You can replace fresh Dragon fruit with IQF dragon fruit. IQF dragon fruit only needs to be stored at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, you can use it for 2 years, with nutritional content and deliciousness similar to fresh dragon fruit. Currently, frozen red dragon fruit products of HungHau Foods are available in many domestic and foreign markets: USA, EU, Korea, Israel, etc., so you can easily find them.

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