China adds frozen fruit to the group that must be registered for export

TTO – The General Administration of Customs of China has just added frozen and refrigerated fruit products to the list of products that must be registered by Vietnamese authorities before being exported to this country.

On March 11, the Office of Notification and National Inquiry Point on Sanitation, Epidemiology and Quarantine of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the Vietnam SPS Office) said that the Vietnamese Embassy in China has just announced the Report on the General Administration of Customs of China adding frozen and refrigerated fruit products to the list of products subject to registration by Vietnamese authorities.

This group of items is assigned to the Plant Protection Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for management and business registration.

SPS Vietnam office said that it has sent an official letter to the Plant Protection Department to request coordination, information and guidance for businesses.

Previously, in April 2021, China issued Order 248 on regulations on management of registration of enterprises producing imported foreign food. It clearly states that foreign exporters must register when exporting 18 food groups to the Chinese market.

Products include meat and meat products, shellfish, aquatic products, dairy products, bird’s nests and bird’s nest products, bee products, eggs and egg products, fats and edible oils, mixed flour-based foods, cereal foods, industrial products for the milling of grains and malts, fresh and dried vegetables (dehydrated, dried), dried beans, spices , nuts and seeds, dried fruit, unroasted coffee beans and cocoa beans, special nutritional foods, functional foods.

As of March 7, there were 1,853 enterprises that were granted codes by Chinese customs, ensuring the export of agricultural products and foodstuffs of Vietnamese enterprises to China.