Experts talk about 5 secret side effects of bananas

Some evidence suggests that humans ate bananas over 6,000 years ago.

The positive effects of bananas on gut health are well known, but gut health isn’t the only bonus banana offers.

According to nutritionists, incorporating bananas into your diet can promote health in many areas, according to Eat This, Not That!

1. Your skin can be better

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Lisa Richards, registered dietitian and author of The Candida Diet , explains that “an average banana contains 13% of your daily manganese needs” — a pretty high percentage for such a snack and easy to eat. .

Ms. Richards says manganese intake can mean improved skin appearance, because “manganese is needed to make collagen, create a youthful appearance and protect against the harmful effects of free radicals that can cause damage.” can lead to wrinkles”.

So, start eating bananas , if you don’t like bananas.

2. Good for your gut

John Fawkes, nutrition consultant and Managing Editor at wellness website The Unwinder , points to a 2017 study published in Nutrition Bulletin that found bananas have something called “resistant starch.” .

While starches may sound negative – generally something we try to avoid overconsumption of – this resistant starch actually “helps with the production of short-chain fatty acids,” says Fawkes.

Mr Fawkes explains that short-chain fatty acids “play an important role in colon health”. So the more short-chain fatty acids you make, the healthier your colon, according to Eat This, Not That!

3. Can avoid muscle cramps

“Bananas contain essential electrolytes that can help stay hydrated and balanced,” says Ms. Richards.

“When the body is out of balance regarding our minerals, we can start to experience negative side effects like muscle cramps,” explains Ms. Richards.

4. Can balance the amount of salt you are eating

Celine Beitchman, Director of Nutrition at the Institute of Culinary Education (USA), explains that potassium levels in bananas are known to be important for overall health.

“Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which is an essential nutrient that helps counteract the negative effects of sodium,” explains Ms. Beitchman .

Dr Chun Tang from Pall Mall Medical highlights the benefits of potassium, adding that “having a good amount of potassium in your diet is great for your heart health and blood pressure, helping to reduce your risk of stroke.” stroke and heart disease”.

5. Can help you lose weight

Experts talk about 5 secret side effects of bananas - Photo 2

Bananas can help you lose weight


According to nutritionist and nutritionist in the US Mary Wirtz, “bananas are famous for being high in sugar and calories compared to other fruits”.

But, bananas can actually help with weight management, “due to their fiber and antioxidant content,” advocates Danielle Drapeau, founder of Shaping Young Tastebuds and certified health coach. .

“Bananas are high in fiber, which slows digestion to make you feel full longer, and will normalize your bowel movements,” says Drapeau. This makes a banana the perfect thing to eat when you’re in between meals!”, according to Eat This, Not That!

Of course, any food, even very good, if consumed in excess is not good, and can even be harmful to health. So does the banana. Moderation is the key to health, friends!