Hundreds of trucks of agricultural products go to China after Tet

ANTD.VN – Since China reopened its land border gates with Vietnam, Vietnamese goods, especially agricultural products, have increased sharply.

Goods passing through Kim Thanh-Lao Cai international border gate

At the border gate of Mong Cai area (Quang Ninh), on the 7th day of Tet (January 28, 2023), import and export activities through Bac Luan 2 bridge border gate and the opening of temporary pontoon bridge Km3+4 Hai Yen , Mong Cai city has officially reopened customs clearance after 7 days of suspending the Lunar New Year holiday of 2023 (from January 21 to the end of January 27 (December 30 to the 6th of Tet).

Accordingly, at the opening of the temporary pontoon bridge Km3+4 Hai Yen, there were 115 trucks of goods exported to China, including: 90 trucks of fresh seafood of all kinds, 24 flowers and 1 truck of frozen fish. The cargo volume is about 525 tons of fruits, 24 tons of frozen goods and 90 tons of seafood of all kinds.

For imported goods, there is 1 container of junk goods imported by Vietnamese enterprises from China. At Cau Bac Luan 2 border gate, there are 4 containers of imported electronic components.

According to information from Lang Son border gates, only on the first day of border gates in Lang Son performing import and export clearance in the new year of the year of the Rabbit 2023 (the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year), there were nearly 150 trucks exported to China. National success. Commodities are mainly agricultural products, fruits such as dragon fruit, mango…

Similarly, at Lao Cai international border gate, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year holiday 2023, during the 7 days of Tet holiday, Lao Cai Customs handled procedures for 263 declarations, with a total cargo of 9,000 tons, total turnover of nearly 3 0.6 million USD, import and export goods are mainly agricultural products.

China’s reopening of land border gates with Vietnam is said to be a good signal for Vietnam’s import and export activities.