On the occasion of Tet 2023, Lao Cai border gate cleared about 9,000 tons of agricultural products

(VietQ.vn) – Trong 7 ngày nghỉ Tết Quý Mão 2023, Chi cục Hải quan cửa khẩu quốc tế Lào Cai (Cục Hải quan Lào Cai) giải quyết thủ tục cho 263 tờ khai, với tổng lượng hàng hóa 9.000 tấn, tổng kim ngạch gần 3,6 triệu USD, hàng hóa xuất nhập khẩu chủ yếu là nông sản.

In which, exports have 159 declarations, total volume of 6,016 tons, turnover of more than 3 million USD, main goods are dragon fruit, banana, jackfruit, mango…; Export goods have 104 declarations, total cargo volume of 2,990 tons, turnover of nearly 600 thousand USD, main goods are tangerines, peppers, grapes, pears, cabbage…

The Lao Cai International Border Gate Customs Branch has arranged to arrange enough officials and employees to ensure timely customs clearance of goods for the business community. Notably, during the three days of Tet (January 22-24), the Sub-department handled the procedures for 65 declarations, with a total volume of more than 2,600 tons of goods, with a turnover of nearly $1.2 million.

On the occasion of Tet 2023, Lao Cai border gate cleared about 9,000 tons of agricultural products. Documentary photos

It is known that in 2022, due to the influence of the epidemic, the customs clearance capacity in Lao Cai was interrupted. The value of import and export turnover in 2022 is estimated at more than 2.2 billion USD, half of the set target.

With the change in China’s epidemic prevention and control policy and important positive signals in the early days of the year, it is expected that in 2023 import and export activities through Lao Cai in general, including the international border gate Road economy No. II Kim Thanh will have many prosperity.

Lao Cai province has set a target that by 2023, the import-export turnover will reach 5 billion USD, double that of 2022. To achieve this goal, Lao Cai province is accelerating the construction of wharf infrastructure, collecting revenue. investment attraction of enterprises; building a digital border gate to ensure publicity and transparency, shorten the time, and increase the capacity of goods clearance through Kim Thanh International Road Border Gate No.

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