HUNGHAU participated in the exhibition Seafood Expo Global 2023 In Spain from 25-27/04/2023

🔰Seafood Expo Global – The Global Seafood Expo is one of the largest seafood fairs in Europe and the world. With the goal of affirming the Vietnamese brand position and bringing Vietnamese products closer to global consumers, HungHau participated in the exhibition and received the attention of many international customers.
🔸This is the world’s largest seafood exhibition with the participation of more than 26,700 seafood experts from 150 countries. The gathering of many major representatives in the global seafood industry has brought about a richness and diversity of deep-processed and ready-made products that are convenient, unique and novel.
🔸HungHau’s products such as frozen seafood, value-added products… have made an impression on international partners and customers.
📌Some pictures at the exhibition: