Nutritious instant Macaroni – many flavors for babies

Baby’s meal is not a small problem at all. This is the baby who does not like to eat vegetables, he is picky, etc. Then, please try to change dishes and enrich your child’s menu with HungHau Foods’ OCHAO instant Macaroni.

OCHAO Instant Macaroni with ingredients including rice flour, wheat flour, flavor of young ribs, seafood and pure vegetables gives your baby a delicious and enjoyable meal.
The colorful macaroni made from natural ingredients of nutritional powder make the baby’s meal more fun, lively, will stimulate the baby’s taste and vision but still ensure safety. In which, the pink color of beets, the green of spinach, the original yellow and the orange of carrots

The processing method is extremely simple and time-saving: When you buy it, you only need to cook boiling water and put the instant macaroni in the pot to cook for 5-7 minutes to have delicious instant food. Quick, convenient but still nutritious enough for 1 serving of baby.

=> Mom can add seafood, fish meat, vegetables to make the bowl more attractive!