Opening the door to China with the label ‘made in Vietnam’, durian increases in price, traders buy it in the garden.

After many years of exporting only by small quota, with unstable prices, Vietnamese durian was able to officially export to China. This new step is helping the price of durian better. In the “durian capital” in the Central Highlands, the price of durian this year is 20-40% higher, in some places it nearly doubled last year. The price of durian has increased, every day there are traders asking to buy.

In recent days, the news that Vietnam signed the Protocol on Durian Quarantine into the Chinese market is helping to make durian fruits more “valuable” for both farmers and buyers.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the whole country has about 90,000 hectares of durian being harvested with an output of 1.3 million tons per year. In which, Dak Lak is the second largest province in the country (after Tien Giang) in terms of area and output, about 15,000 hectares and more than 115,000 tons per crop.

Krong Pac district is one of the localities with the largest durian area in Dak Lak. Information from the Agricultural Extension Station of Krong Pac district said that currently, the production area of durian with quality like Dona has been ordered by small traders to the garden for a price of 50,000 – 60,000 VND/kg (depending on the quality of each product). garden).

In addition, companies also come to order at the price of 54,000 – 56,000 VND/kg for Dona fresh fruit on the tree, while Ri6 durian is less than 10% of the total area of the local durian. sold out at 35,000 – 40,000 VND/kg from the end of July to the beginning of August.
Compared to the past two years, this year’s durian price is 20-40% higher, but on the contrary, durian yield has decreased by 20-50% depending on each garden and each sub-climate.

Data from the Dak Lak Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shows that the province currently has nearly 17,000 hectares of durian, of which about 15,000 hectares are for harvest, with an output of about 140,000 tons. On average, up to 70% of Dak Lak durian output is exported to the Chinese market each year by small quota. Krong Pac district has the largest durian area with more than 4,000 hectares, about 2,500 hectares have been harvested, the output is from 45,000 to 50,000 tons per year.

Sharing with the writer, Ms. Do Thi Dung (Krong Pac district) said that this year’s durian failed, with an area of 1.5 hectares, the yield was only about 30 tons, down nearly half compared to the previous year but In return, the resale price is increasing day by day and every day there are traders asking to buy.

“The current harvest price of durians is about more than 60,000 VND/kg, at the beginning of the season the price is more than 40,000 VND/kg, in general, the price has doubled compared to last year and is now most of the deposit has been purchased”, Ms. Dung let me know.

Opportunity to identify the brand from the official ‘visa’

Like many other businesses, China is currently the main export market of Chanh Thu, accounting for more than 60% of export value. According to Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy, the demand for durian in this market is very large and businesses are looking forward to the list of packers and approved planting area codes of your country so that this item can officially enter the country. billion people by their origin.

“The official export of durian to China will be an opportunity to increase competitiveness and brand recognition of Vietnamese durian in neighboring markets,” said Deputy Director of Chanh Thu Fruit Import and Export Co., Ltd. strong.

China is the third country in the world in terms of durian consumption. In 2021 alone, this country imported more than 821,000 tons of durian and consumption demand increased by an average of 16% per year over the past years.

In particular, mainly imported from Thailand. However, in recent years, explosive demand combined with high transportation costs has caused durian prices to increase. The average price of fresh durian in China has increased to $4/kg in 2020 and a high of $5.11/kg in 2021.

According to the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade), this country is Vietnam’s largest market for fresh durian consumption and is mainly exported through small quotas. However, from July 11, 2022, Vietnam’s durians are officially exported through all China’s border gates.

Thus, it can be seen that this is a potential market for durian fruit and the fact that Vietnam reached an agreement to officially export durian to China is an opportunity to expand the market and increase export value for the country. this agricultural product of Vietnam.

Since July 11, 2022, Vietnamese durians will be officially exported through all Chinese border gates. (Photo: Nhu Huynh)

According to the Labor Newspaper, a representative of HAGL said that in August, September, the company’s durian growing area in Gia Lai will start selling fortune-telling fruit (first generation) to the market, the output is about 100 tons for 70,000 VND. /kg. It is estimated that durian will bring about the first 7 billion dong for HAGL in the third quarter of this year.

“Durian farmers only need to sell for 25,000 VND/kg to make a profit. For HAGL, the durian segment has a variable cost of 5,000 VND, including land costs… the cost of durian is 10,000 VND/kg With the selling price ranging from 70,000-90,000 VND, this profit margin is extremely high,” said Duc.

According to a representative of HAGL, up to now, the company has grown 1,000 hectares of durian for 3-5 years in Laos and Vietnam. HAGL durian will be mainly consumed in the Chinese market and traders pick it themselves at the garden. As planned, will consume and record revenue from 2023.

Thus, with durian being granted a “visa” to the Chinese market, Vietnam becomes the second country after Thailand to have access to the official market for fresh durian, a high-value imported fruit. in China.

This is also a motivation to help farmers change their perception and meet the strict export process compared to the previous small and spontaneous way of doing things.

“Farmers, traders and businesses are all preparing enough conditions to be able to officially export durian to China. And not only China, meeting strict export processes also This is the requirement of Asian and European countries when we want to export to these markets,” said Vice Chairman of Krong Pac District People’s Committee.

According to gardeners, for a long time, people only know how to sell to traders, and then export to unknown places, prices are precarious. Therefore, when durian is officially exported to China, it is expected that the price will be more stable, then farmers will have the conditions to invest, and at the same time comply with the cultivation processes so that the tree can produce fruit. export quality.