In the past few days, exporters have let traders look to growers with ripe dragon fruit to buy at a rather high price.

Many border gates have been cleared of customs, so the export of fresh dragon fruit to the Chinese market has seen positive changes after a quiet period. Compared to 2 weeks ago, the price of red flesh dragon fruit in many localities in the Mekong Delta has increased by more than 10,000 VND/kg, making growers excited.

Farmers are excited when dragon fruit is priced.

Specifically, type 1 red flesh dragon fruit is sold for from 23,000 to 27,000 VND/kg. Type 2 from 19,000 – 20,000 VND/kg. Particularly, white flesh dragon fruit due to slow export output, so the price only increased slightly by about 3,000 VND/kg. Up to 9,000 – 12,000 VND/kg depending on the type.

It is forecasted that the export demand for dragon fruit will increase in the near future. However, the supply at gardeners is limited, so some businesses accept to push prices up to collect enough export shipments. In 2-3 weeks, the dragon fruit capital of Binh Thuan will begin to harvest the main crop.

This locality has also advised businesses to strengthen implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control when exporting dragon fruits to China. Because this market is implementing the Zero COVID-19 policy, it requires goods to be clean during the entire production process, as well as transported to the border gate before exporting.


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