The price of Musang King durian grown in Vietnam is halved

Musang King durian for sale in Can Tho city. Photo: VnExpress/Manh Khuong

Musang King durian grown in Vietnam has halved its price in Vietnam for more than two months due to ample supply.

Loan in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City is selling a kilogram of Musang King durian for 650,000 VND (27.68 USD), down by half from the beginning of March.

This is the lowest price she has seen in 5 years selling fruit.

“From the southern localities, the source of goods from the southern localities is very abundant. Two years ago I had to order a week in advance, but now it’s the same day.”

A supplier in District 1 has been sourcing two or three kilos per shipment amid falling prices.

“I bought four times as many as I did in March,” said the salesman.

On social networks, sellers offer an “unprecedentedly cheap” price of 700,000 VND/kg of meat.

In the South, farmers are selling Musang King durian for about 130,000-150,000 VND/kg whole fruit.

Ms. Oanh in Can Tho said she had just sold one ton for 150,000 VND, down 40% from a month ago.

Mr. Dang Manh Khuong, a trader living in the same city as Ho Chi Minh City, said that the abundant supply caused the price of durian in recent months to decrease by 50-70% depending on the type.

Although durian is currently in the harvest season in the Mekong Delta provinces, Chinese traders still cut back on buying, causing prices to drop.

Malaysia’s Musang King is considered “the best durian in the world” and is grown by Vietnamese farmers in the Central Highlands and Mekong Delta.

Industry insiders estimate that Musang King production in Vietnam has increased fivefold over the past few years.

Source:Vietnam-grown Musang King durian prices plunge by half – VnExpress International