This Tet happens Happy Food gifts – Welcome to welcome spring

The set of healthy vegetable noodles is both safe and convenient, suitable as a gift to welcome spring to friends and relatives. In particular, Happy Food is having a promotion program up to 20% of Tet gift baskets from only 199k/set. Happy Food gift baskets will give you wishes of peace, health and luck with the union combo and reunion!

☘Combo to welcome spring members includes:

👉 Black sesame noodles are a combination of spices from ginger, garlic, tamari, sesame oil and lots of green vegetables to create an indescribable attraction.

👉 Soybean vermicelli is a reasonable choice for holidays that need to “cool down and cool down” after great parties.

👉 The duo of instant noodles and seaweed have a variety of choices without worrying about being “bored”

👉 Delicious dried fruits and vegetables still retain their original flavor

👉 Rice straws made entirely from organic products are the perfect choice during the holidays.

☘Combo to welcome Tet together includes:

👉 Black sesame noodles with natural ingredients, convenient for quick processing for busy Tet days.

👉 Black sesame vermicelli adds many nutrients to a family meal on Tet holiday

👉 The duo of black sesame noodles and “strange” grape seaweed create a highlight for a family dish full of spring colors

👉 Delicious dried fruits and vegetables, add fiber to the digestive system

👉 Rice straws are made entirely from organic products, naturally colored and completely edible. Wishing our customers a Happy New Year – Prosperity – Everything is as you wish!


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