2023 – Vietnamese fruits widen their way into major markets

(VietQ.vn) – 2022 is a successful year for the opening of agricultural markets, especially for fruits. Many Vietnamese fruits have been accepted by fastidious markets such as Japan and the US… signaling optimism for fruit exports in the new year of the year of the Rabbit 2023.

Continuously breaking barriers in difficult markets

With the favor of soil and climate, Vietnam is a country with advantages for the growth and development of many tropical fruits that are favored by the world. Mr. Hoang Trung – Director of the Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that 2022 can be considered the most successful fruit export year ever, with many kinds of fruits. Vietnam has broken through the barriers of difficult markets, accessing to major markets in the world.

Strict control of the growing area code is an important factor for exporting fruit to major markets

In 2022, Vietnam signed many official fruit export protocols to China – a key market with large purchasing power with a scale of 1.4 billion people. At the beginning of the year, chili export again, then passion fruit, at the end of the year, durian, banana and sweet potato were allowed to be officially imported into the Chinese market. By the end of 2022, Vietnam has 7 types of traditional fruits exported to this market, including: mango, dragon fruit, longan, litchi, watermelon, rambutan, jackfruit and 5 types of export under the signed form. The members of the Protocol are: mangosteen, black jelly, durian, banana and sweet potato. Currently, Vietnam is temporarily exporting with passion fruit and fresh chili. The items that are continuing to negotiate to open the market are pomelo, custard apple, coconut, whip, lemon…

At the same time, Vietnam has also exported fruit to large and fastidious markets such as: exporting longan to Japan; lemon, grapefruit to the New Zealand market. And recently, green-skinned pomelo has been exported to the US market after the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other functional sectors opened this market.

According to Mr. Hoang Trung, the opening of the fastidious market and the signing of the Protocols for the official export of agricultural products have created clear and transparent legal conditions and also created the motivation for Vietnamese farmers to produce more products. Professional, methodical production on a larger scale. As a result, product quality and prices increase. Typically, the price of durian has tripled compared to before the official export protocol to China, creating better income for people.

Quality assurance, information transparency

The prerequisite for fruit officially exported to major markets is to ensure quality and meet the importing country’s standards and regulations on plant quarantine and safety and hygiene. Mr. Hoang Trung said, sweet potatoes exported to China must apply good agricultural practices (GAP); to investigate and supervise the subjects of plant quarantine that the General Administration of Customs of China is interested in; effective control measures must be implemented to minimize the level of pest infestation; must keep records of pest control and monitoring…

For the Japanese market, fresh longan exported to this country must be produced in the registered growing areas, transported to Japan by sea and by air. For export to the Japanese market, the consignment is subjected to phytosanitary treatment by cold treatment, at a temperature below 1.3 degrees Celsius for a period of 13 days at approved processing facilities. Export shipments of fresh longan accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate issued by the Plant Protection Department…

With lemons and pomelos exported to New Zealand, the garden is managed by pests and diseases that are of interest to New Zealand’s phytosanitary and is granted a code and a packing facility. The product must be irradiated with and according to the phytosanitary certificate.

According to the requirements of partners as well as international practices, the area of planting area to be granted a code must be at least 10ha or more. The planting area codes issued in the past time all have an area of ​​over 10 hectares, with codes up to hundreds of hectares, creating conditions for people to cooperate with each other, apply the same technical process, create Product uniformity, quality assurance.

Mr. Le Thanh Hoa – Director of SPS Vietnam Office (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) said that it is necessary to make information transparent and transparent about the production process according to VietGAP standards. The establishment of planting area management according to VietGAP standards will ensure transparency to trace the origin of products and improve the quality and efficiency of Vietnam’s agricultural production.

Broaden the way to major markets

The year 2023 is determined to be more difficult, more challenges than opportunities. As one of the enterprises participating in the official export of durian to China, recently green-skinned pomelo to the US market, Chanh Thu Fruit Import-Export Group Joint Stock Company sets a target of 2023 to grow. double export sales. Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy – General Director of the company shared, 2023 will be an acceleration period for 2 products, durian and pomelo. In the coming time, Chanh Thu will continue to improve links with farmers and other units to get the best raw material area for export. We will coordinate with Ben Tre to build raw material areas, complete the chain to bring many products into major US supermarket systems – Ms. Ngo Tuong Vy said.

Director of Plant Protection Department Hoang Trung said, following the success of 2022, we continue to take advantage of the advantages of Vietnamese fruit products. With the Chinese market, we will continue with citrus products, oranges and grapefruits. With markets in developed countries like the US, we will continue with passion fruit and coconut products; Australian market is passion fruit…

In order to export to difficult and high-value markets, enterprises must give up the thinking of trading. “We cannot trade shipments forever, but must have partners, must link to have production areas that meet the requirements of the growing area code of the exporting country. Besides, it is necessary to reorganize production to both reduce input costs and ensure food safety and hygiene criteria. By doing these things, Vietnamese fruit will widen its way into major markets in 2023,” said Mr. Hoang Trung.

Source: https://vietq.vn/nam-2023–trai-cay-viet-rong-duong-vao-cac-thi-truong-lon-d207539.html