Ben Tre Province: Diversify consumption promotion activities for agricultural products

Agricultural products are a strength of Ben Tre province. Over the years, the locality has developed and implemented many policies for the development of this commodity. In particular, the locality has worked hard to build and register for protection certificates of geographical indications for a number of typical products, such as: Ben Tre green-skinned pomelo, Ben Tre green Siamese coconut, Cai Mon durian, sea crab Ben Tre and Ben Tre crayfish. On November 10, 2022, the National Office of Intellectual Property, the Ministry of Science and Technology continued to issue the Certificate of Geographical Indication Registration “Ben Tre” for the quartet mango product.

Along with encouraging the planting and care of agricultural products according to high standards, Ben Tre has been creating a source of good quality goods, keeping up with the trend of green and clean consumption in fastidious export markets.

Good production, guaranteed product quality has created a foundation for Ben Tre to carry out a variety of activities to promote the consumption of agricultural products in particular and local goods in general. Significantly, the Conference “Promoting agricultural and aquatic products of Ben Tre province into the Muslim countries’ market” jointly organized by Ben Tre has attracted the great attention of ambassadors and trade counselors. , representatives of the embassies of Muslim countries in Hanoi, businesses, associations, large supermarket chains in many important Muslim markets. Through the event, Ben Tre not only introduces potentials and promotes local products, but also helps businesses and manufacturers have the opportunity to learn about partners and market opportunities.

Ben Tre province strives to carry out sales promotion activities for agricultural products

Previously, with the companionship of the Trade Promotion Department, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ben Tre also coordinated to organize a consulting session on exporting coconut products. The intensive consultation session provided information on import and export regulations, market needs as well as necessary notes for local businesses wishing to export coconuts to the UAE, Sec…

In addition, through programs and projects on trade promotion, industrial promotion, e-commerce… Ben Tre provincial authorities at all levels have supported businesses and cooperatives to carry out digital transformation and construction. and promote the brand in the online environment, promote sales on e-commerce platforms: Voso, Portmart, Tiki, Shopee, Sendo… ; connecting with export markets such as the United States, China, the Middle East, Africa, EU…; supporting businesses to participate in cross-border e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Alibaba…) to expand export markets.

The above efforts of Ben Tre have given sweet fruit when exporting agricultural and aquatic products is occupying an important position in the total export turnover of the province. In the period from 2016 to 2021, agricultural and fishery exports will reach 6.53 billion USD. At the end of November 2022, the first batch of green-skinned pomelo from Ben Tre was exported to the US, opening up opportunities to conquer new markets for this agricultural product. More importantly, the locality has formed and is developing towards perfecting a sustainable agricultural product chain that promises to bring higher value to the province’s agricultural products, and at the same time increase income for farmers in the growing area.

It is known that in the period from 2021-2025, Ben Tre province strives to achieve about 10 billion USD in export turnover with key export items such as coconut products, seafood, agricultural products and processed agricultural products. …, export markets focus on the Americas, European Union countries, ASEAN countries, Japan, Korea, China, Oceania countries…

To achieve this goal, in addition to the orientation of developing the material area to ensure and encourage the application of advanced technology in product processing, Ben Tre has determined that trade promotion and export promotion are important solution. Accordingly, continue to invite businesses to join the chain of linkages and sell agricultural products through cooperatives; closely coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support, find output, expand consumption markets, focus on developing export markets.

The plan to support agricultural production households on the e-commerce platform, promote the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy in Ben Tre province in 2021 and the period from 2022-2025 has been issued. Through this plan, Ben Tre strives to support 100% of the province’s key agricultural products to participate in transactions on e-commerce platforms:,, Sendo, Ben Tre Specialties.