Christmas is the season of happiness

Another Christmas season has come, the cold air pervades everywhere. People together decorate the Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of the Lord, bring the best to everyone and give each other warm wishes. On this day, Hung Hau House celebrated a peaceful Christmas for all the brothers and sisters in the company.

Everyone gathers together and prepares meaningful gifts to give to each other as well as send each other best wishes, a peaceful and happy Christmas season.

The Christmas tree is placed in the lobby, splendidly decorated with glittering tinsel and pretty little bells with colorful gifts. Stepping to the door of the company is to see the Christmas season overflowing, the heart is throbbing with happiness, looking forward to welcoming a new year. Although the weather this year is colder than usual, everyone still feels very warm. This is a special moment, leaving many unforgettable memories and making the members bond more together.

Along with the Christmas atmosphere, it is impossible to miss the moment of giving each other love gifts with good wishes to wish everyone always have peace and happiness. Following the gift-giving activity was a warm reunion party that made the Christmas atmosphere more vibrant, filled with joy and laughter.

Leaving behind a busy year of challenges to have moments of relaxation together, enjoy a full Christmas season and work towards the goals in myH23. On the occasion of Christmas, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, full of joy and happiness. A very warm holiday season and a successful new year 2023. Merry Christmas!

Some pictures from the Christmas ceremony: