The longer shelf life for IQF frozen avocados, convenient to use and store

Avocados is a delicious and popular fruit that’s rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

When avocados are in season or on sale, it’s tempting to stock up. However, ripe ones spoil quickly, turning brown and mushy. The shelf life for fresh avocados is only about one or two days. There’s a high chance that avocados already reach the over-ripe stage or even have gone bad the day of purchase. The alternative for consumers is to buy under-ripe avocados at a high price and let it ripen at home. Knowing when an avocado is ripe for consumption is tricky though, and very often we end up finding an unappetizing discolored fruit with flavor having changed already.

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To keep ripe avocados longer, you can try freezing them. However, freezing by normal method will has some negative effects on the fruit’s quality, such as: loss nutrient, disrupts its structure, after being thawed, the avocado becomes slimy, watery, and mushy. Thawed avocado may rapidly brown, so correct preparation and storage methods are essential.

When freezing avocados, it’s important to consider the effects on the nutrient content, texture, color, and flavor.

Currently, IQF – Individual Quickly Freezer is the best freezing method. In comparison to fresh avocados, the shelf life of IQF frozen avocados is significantly longer: “Avocados at its peak of ripeness will be frozen for a short time. Products that need to be frozen will be exposed to cold air, the temperature will gradually decrease from -34 to -43 degrees Celsius during transportation, then packed and sold in consumer bags or boxes. With Quick frozen – IQF technology, it is possible to freeze just-right-to-eat avocados after harvesting. This ensures its natural appearance, texture, smell, and nutrients are preserved. Therefore, consumers get to enjoy a quality fruit that’s full of flavor.

IQF avocados are often cut and frozen in halves, diced, or sliced. It is convenient to pick the needed amount before thawing. This way we avoid food waste and especially bacteria growth which is caused by repeatedly thawing and freezing food that cannot be finished at once.”

Avocados after freezing is stored at a temperature of -18°C and can be stored for 2 years. Therefore, Avocados can be used all year round, serving the needs of consumption and export.

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